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                                MILLAH MURRAH KINGDOM K35 - AGED 5 YEARS

                             Kaharau is excited to present sons of Millah Murrah Kingdom K35 for sale this year, some of
                             the first Kingdom progeny available in NZ.
                             Kingdom sold at Millah Murrahs’ 2015 Sale for an Australian record price of $150,000. Kaharau
                             purchased a Quarter share to the NZ semen rights in 2016.
                             Kingdom exhibits a tremendous three dimensional phenotype, he is as long as a train, deep
                             sided and thick through the loin. Free moving, sound with a gentle disposition, he is the
                             complete phenotype package.
                             Underlying Kingdoms physical strength is his phenomenal depth of maternal pedigree, sired
                             by NZs’ own 1986 Te Awamutu born Hingaia Tex 469 and out of Millah Murrah Flower G41 with
                             a strong cow herd reputation behind her. Kingdom has cow maker written all over him.
                             Kingdom was weaned at 364 kg, weighed 750kg at 16 months and 862kg on Sale day off
                             grass alone and with his balanced set of EBV data, he is the whole package. He is trait leader
                             for 200, 400 and 600D growth and EMA with an outstanding EMA EBV of +8.1.
                             He has been described as a powerhouse sire and all reports from NZ breeders and agents who
                             have seen Kingdom and his progeny in Australia have been incredibly positive.

                             With  Kingdoms’ handsomely balanced phenotype, outstanding pedigree versatility and
                             undisputed maternal credentials, Kaharau is very pleased with how he has crossed over the
                             Kaharau cows, producing strong, powerful and stylish cattle.

                         KINGDOM - AGED 3 YEARS                             HINGAIA TEX 469
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