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2019 Sale – Monday 24th June at 4 pm

                                         410 Goodwin Road, Gisborne
                                                 (See map on page 56)

                                            60 Rising 2 Year Bulls
                                     View the Bulls ‘Walking’ on the

                             ‘Kaharau Angus Stud – YouTube’ channel.

        The 2018 Bull Sale is one that will go down in the    regularly subjected to strict assessment and rigorous
        Kaharau history books.                                culling for the traits that we and you value; structure
                                                              – fertility – temperament – type.
        Achieving NZ’s top Bull price and NZ’s top Bull
        Sale average was a proud moment and both              All Kaharau bulls have been inspected by an
        humbling and overwhelming, we were so thrilled with   Independent Angus Association Inspector, see the
        the incredible support we received.                   AA tick logo for each Lot and explanation on page
                                                              4. Kaharau cattle are renown for their structural
        A huge thank you to all of you - clients, agents, family   soundness and longevity, so buyers can buy with
        and friends and to our terrific team here at Kaharau   confidence, a bull that lasts the distance..
        – Nick, Prince, Torey & Greg - your support is very
        much appreciated.                                     Please contact us to view the bulls before the Sale.
                                                              Once again, we thank you very much for your
        Kaharau is excited to present sons of Millah Murrah   support in 2018 and look forward to welcoming you
        Kingdom K35 for sale this year, some of the first     to Kaharau on Monday June 24  for Bulls, Beer,
        Kingdom progeny available in NZ. We are very          Burgers and Banter ! Please remember to DRESS
        pleased with how he has crossed over the Kaharau      WARMLY.
        cows and we hope you enjoy viewing his progeny (
        see photos and information on opposite page )         PLEASE BRING THIS CATALOGUE TO THE SALE.
        The 2019 Sale crop are deep, solid, strong and        Penny & Pete Hoogerbrug
        structurally sound bulls with a balanced line-up of   Penny Hoogerbrug 027 6557104
        data who are certainly looking outstanding this year.   Nick Carr 021 656 023
        The East Coast has turned on an exceptional season
        and the Bulls certainly reflect the conditions. Together
        with Kingdom and specially selected Kaharau home
        bred sires, we have an interesting line-up. We have
        catalogued a few more bulls this year, hoping to cater
        for all our clients that will find a bull to suit.

        With strong returns for beef and lamb & great prices
        at the recent March weaner fairs, the industry is in
        good heart. It is pleasing to see Kaharau clients
        continuing to prosper in this market environment.
        As always, we continue to uphold the quality and
        high standard of the cattle here at Kaharau, they are

                                                              Kaharau – Medal winner – STEAK OF ORIGIN.

                                                              Competition Head Judge, Graham Hawkes said
                                                              “This competition is the pinnacle for any beef
                                                              producer, it sets the benchmark for quality
                                                              produce, helping guide chefs on where their
                 KAHARAU OUTLANDER 632                        ingredients come from”.
                 NZs’ Top priced Bull for 2018
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