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At Kaharau we -

             Certify the bulls as structurally sound and correct by     Deliver the bulls free of charge throughout the North
            Angus inspectors. Kaharau cattle are renown for       Island
            correct structural soundness                           Freeze brand the bulls with the Kaharau brand

             Breed well framed, easy-fleshing, fertile, strong-boned     Cattle of Kaharau clients have won carcase grading
            cattle with quiet temperament
                                                                  competitions for marbling, tenderness and eating
             Run the cattle under commercial conditions at altitude  quality
             Mate and calve cows on the hills with excellent calving     Kaharau cattle have won awards at Shows in Cattle
            ease                                                  Judging competitions
             Mate R1 Heifers                                       All bulls are BVD tested negative and vaccinated, TB
             Weigh & tag calves at birth                          and Brucelosis free, vaccinated with 10 n 1
                                                                   Kaharau is a C10 accredited herd
             Bulls are born, bred & finished on hill country
                                                                   All the cattle at Kaharau are Group Breedplan
             Evaluate and certify the bulls as fertile
             Verify the Sire pedigrees as correct, Sire Traced with
            Zoetis                                                 All the Kaharau Bulls are free untested of Genetic
                                                                  diseases by virtue of pedigree
             Guarantee the bulls for three years for soundness and
        Kaharau reserves the right to retain semen from any bull in the catalogue.
        Kaharau has become renowned for quality and performance in Angus Cattle, in New Zealand and overseas,
        exports of cattle and semen have been made to most of the major angus breeding countries of the world with great success,
        producing show winners and top performers in Scotland, Great Britain, Canada, USA, Australia, Zimbabwe and Japan.
        Many New Zealand Studs have had a Kaharau influence at some time with success.

        The Kaharau Team - Greg, Prince, Nick, Penny, Torey, Tony.

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