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BBSE - Bull Breeding

                                          Soundness Evaluation

                                          The bulls listed in this catalogue have met the following parameters that are
                                          required to pass the Tararua Breeding Centre Bull Fertility Evaluation carried out
                                          on behalf of: Kaharau Angus Stud on the 6th May, 2015.

            The Gold standard for this test is to collect the bull by an Artificial Vagina and have the semen assessed by a
            registered morphologist. All bullls that are tested by Totally Vets/Tararua Breeding Centre are tested using this Gold

            Libido      Bulls must demonstrate the ability to mount an "in season" heifer or cow.
            Penile      Each bull's extended penis is examined during mounting for structural soundness, injuries and
            Soundness   abnormalities, including deviations, persistent frenulum’s, adhesions, genital warts and injuries that
                        may have  occurred while out mating.
            Semen       Each bull's ejaculate, which is collected in an artificial vagina, is examined microscopically by a
                        registered  Morphologist for Density, Motility, Morphology and must pass the minimum standards of
                        70% normal at the time of testing.

                        Signed: .................................................................................................. Guy Haynes
                                                   Thursday, 9 May 2019               Bovine Reproduction Consultant

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                                    A BREEDPLAN tip about

                               scrotal circumference of bulls

          The scrotal circumference of a bull provides an important indication of his genetic merit for several
          important fertility traits.

          Increased scrotal circumference is associated with -

              •	 Earlier age at puberty
              •	 Increased semen production
              •	 Improved semen quality.

          Increased scrotal circumference also has a favourable relationship with female fertility, both in terms of
          earlier age at puberty, earlier return to oestrous and shorter days to calving.


          Kaharau bulls are renown for having impressive scrotal measurements. The scrotals are regularly
          assessed on the bulls from weaners, on our bull sale bulls, any of our keeper sire bulls and also any
          outcross sires coming into the herd.  Our policy is to cull any bulls that have small scrotals.

          Kaharaus’ top sale bulls regularly have scrotals measuring from 42 to 45cm. The average scrotal
          measurement across all of the 53 x 2018 Kaharau Sale bulls is 42.7cm.

          The average scrotal measurement across all of the 59 x 2019 Kaharau Sale bulls is 42.4cm.

          And as Bruce Robertson says on page 6, “a good indicator of fertility, the scrotum should be about the
          size of two Speight’s cans.”

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