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       Auctioneers Conditions:

       1.  The auctioneers are PGG Wrightson Ltd.
       2.  The New Zealand Stock & Station Agent’s Association Conditions of Sale and, to the extent
          deemed relevant by PGG Wrightson Limited (PGW), PGW’s Terms of Sale apply to this sale.
          When proceeds are credited or a purchase is debited to a PGW monthly credit account, then
          PGW’s Monthly Account Terms of Trade (as amended from time to time) apply to the extent
          deemed relevant by PGW. These terms can be inspected at the registration desk and on the
          wall in the auction room. The current versions of PGW’s Terms of Sale and Monthly Account
          Terms of Trade are also available online or in hardcopy on request.
       3.  All intending purchasers must register at the sales office prior to the sale.
       4.  PGW will pay a purchasing rebate of 6% of the purchase price excluding GST, plus GST, to live-
          stock companies & recognised independent livestock agents with a PGW account who have
          introduced buyers to PGW before the sale and/or accompanied buyers to the sale.
       5.  Each lot becomes the property of the purchaser at the fall of the hammer.

       6.  Transit and Livestock Insurance can be arranged by the Auctioneers.
       7.  The sale will be conducted purchase price plus GST.
       8.  Although every care has been taken to ensure accuracy in the production of this catalogue,
          PGG Wrightson Ltd and their employees do not accept any responsibility or liability as to
          mis-description, errors, omissions, or mis-statements caused either directly or indirectly by the
          negligence of PGG Wrightson Ltd and/or their employees.

       9.  New OSH legislation requires all people attending the auction to be made aware of safety haz-
          ards. An information sheet will be made available to all attendees on their arrival.


       Tullochs Transport or Downlanders can arrange interisland transport of animals.

       Testing of bulls:

       1.  All bulls have been tested clear for TB (all C10 status), BVD/EBL, and Mycoplasma Bovis.
       2.  All bulls have been BVD vaccinated.

       3.  Xcell Breeding Services have semen tested the bulls as being fertile.

       Warranty of Bulls:

       All bulls are sold as fertile and capable of natural service.  The purchaser is to have the right to a
       full refund of the purchase price of the bull (excluding any costs and expenses of the purchaser)
       within six months of the date of the sale subject to submitting a veterinary’s report stating that
       the bull is infertile or incapable of natural service.  The veterinarian must also state that in his
       opinion there is no evidence that the bull has suffered any injury or illness since being sold to the
       purchaser which could have affected his breeding ability.  The veterinary report (together with a
       statutory declaration by the purchaser to the effect that the substance of the report is true and
       correct) must be forwarded to the vendor within 14 days of the date being six months after the
       sale date.
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