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Sub-indexes      Economic merit for a trait affecting farm profit e.g. Wool (DPW) or
                         Reproduction (DPR)

        NZGE             The New Zealand Genetic Evaluation (NZGE) involves all active
                         SIL flocks, and non-active flocks that provide useful information
                         on pedigree and performance. It objectively “compares” the
                         performance of various traits – making it a powerful source of
                         genetic information for commercial farmers.
        Rank             Ranks represent the position in the flock-birth year cohort of rams
                         present at weaning (for WWT eBV), at autumn LW (LW8 eBV), at
                         scanning (meat trait eBVs, NLB eBV & indexes) and at shearing
                         (FW12 eBV).

       NZGE analysis No. 35854 on 28th Sept 2018 – this evaluation uses multistep integration of
       genomic data and the original meat module.
       In 2017, Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) Genetics has launched a $450,000 upgrade
       of its genetic engine. As a result, ram buyers and breeders will have access to even better
       genetic information, when making breeding decisions.
       At the core of the upgrade is the move to a single weekly New Zealand Genetic Evaluation
       – the NZGE. The investment means evaluations can be run more regularly and much faster,
       thereby feeding information back to ram breeders in a more timely fashion.
       The NZGE uses all relevant data available, in all SIL flocks. Evaluations are able to draw on
       information, such as CT and VIA scanning, therefore providing a more accurate estimate of
       traits, such as carcass merit.
       Results are presented in a  uniform  way using the  NZTW  and  NZMW  indexes, allowing
       farmers to directly compare rams. In a nutshell, the higher the figure, the better the ram.
       For more information, contact SIL via email ( or freephone 0800 745 435.

       SIL is part of B+LNZ Genetics and is funded by farmer levies.

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