Page 6 - Stud Ram and Ewe Fair 2020
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       The Sale will be conducted under the usual conditions governing auction sales held under
       the auspices of the New Zealand Stock and Station Agents Association.
       Every lot will be purchaser’s responsibility as from the fall of the hammer.  The description
       of the stock in the catalogue shall be deemed to be correct.  No errors, omission or mis-
       descriptions shall in any way invalidate the sale or be made the subject of any claims for
       compensation from either the vendors or the auctioneers.

       Deliveries:  All lots requiring transport will be at buyer’s risk pending delivery.
       Transfers:   Buyers are requested to leave their full address with the Booking Clerks before
                  leaving the sale, sign their transfer forms and leave instructions for delivery and
       Insurance:  All purchasers can be insured for transit or longer periods by making necessary
                  arrangements with Auctioneers Clerks.

       Sale GST exclusive.
       1.   Entries will be accepted only for One Shear Ewes and Rams from breeders whose
            flocks are registered with their respective Breed Society or Association. All sheep
            entered in the sale must be eligible for transfer.
       2.   Rams from those breed societies which require to be inspected and passed in
            accordance with precedents of previous sales i.e. in the case of Perendale, prior to
            sale day by arrangement, or on sale day where that may be necessary.  The Sale
            Directorate will accept no responsibility at any time for any loss or injury to any animal
            on the Sale grounds in conjunction with this sale.  The Directorate reserves the right
            to limit or refuse any entry without giving reasons for so doing.
       3.   ORDER OF SALES:
            Perendale – Cheviot – Poll Dorset – South Suffolk – Southdown – Dorset Down – Texel
            – Suffolk – Dorper.  Vendors within breeds will have their sheep offered according to
            precedents of previous sales or by ballot where no precedent exists.  Rams will be
            offered first followed by ewes of the same breed.  NOT MORE THAN EIGHT ewes per
            vendor will be accepted.
       4.   ENTRY FEES, which must accompany entries will be: RAMS – $90.00; EWES – $40.00
            per Ewe.  No G.S.T. is to be added as the Sale Directorate is not registered for G.S.T.
       5.   Ear tag numbers, sire, dam and sire of dam must accompany all entries.  Suffolk and
            South Suffolk vendors must display pedigrees to the third generation, both ewes and
            rams, on the pens.
       6.   All entries must be from Accredited Brucellosis free flocks.  A copy of current certificate
            must accompany entries.
       7.   All Wool breed sheep to be machine shorn evenly and close to the skin, not earlier
            than 20th July and not later than 1st November this year. Meat Breed sheep to be
            machine shorn evenly and close to the skin, not earlier than 2nd September and not
            later than 1st November, this year.
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