Page 7 - Stud Ram and Ewe Fair 2020
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8.   WOOL AND MEAT BREEDS are to be penned by Tuesday 10th by 9.00am.  Sale
            starts at 10.30am.  For Suffolks and Dorpers, they must be penned by 10.00am.  Late
            arrivals will be sold last in their section.
       9.   MINIMUM PRICES:
            Perendale       - upset $700   transfer $1500
            Cheviot         - upset $700   transfer $1500
            Poll Dorset     - upset $700   transfer $1500
            South Suffolk   - upset $700   transfer $1500
            Southdown       - upset $700   transfer $1500
            Dorset Down     - upset $700   transfer $1500
            Texel           - upset $700   transfer $1500
            Suffolk         - upset $700   transfer $1500
            Dorper          - upset $700   transfer $1500
            The upset price or Vendors reserve of not less than the upset price shall be the starting
            bid.  Selling agents must be informed of Vendors reserve before 9.30 am on sale day.
            Bidding shall be advanced in sums of not less than $50.00.
            That it is a condition of entry that Rams entered and passed in, shall not be sold at
            the sale venue for less than the upset price.
       10.   No sheep to be sold on the grounds on sale day other than those entered in the catalogue.
       11.   Vendors offering three or more sheep will have their entry divided into two runs with
            the greater half, if the numbers are uneven, being entered in the first run.
       12.   All Perendale rams and ewes will be offered in natural condition.  In the case of
            PERENDALES ONLY there will be a limit of two ram per vendor who has not previously
            offered sheep at this sale.
       13.   All sheep entered will be catalogued and no withdrawal can be made after entries
            close.  In the event of a catalogued entry being injured or otherwise unfit for sale a
            substitute will be permitted.  No refunds will be made after entries close.
       14.   All sheep to be removed from the grounds by 5pm on sale day.
       15.   No bogus sales will be permitted.  Infringers of this rule may be barred from future sales.
       16.   SHOW CLASSES.  Order of sale will be rams followed by ewes.  The first three place-
            getters in each class will be sold first.  The remainder will be sold in catalogue order.
       17.   A 6% rebate commission will be paid to non-participating companies whose
            representatives attend the sale.
       18.   Animal status declaration form must accompany the entries on arrival at the Sale venue
            and hand them to a Secretary before penning.
       19.   Suffolk Ewes have not been tested for the Spider gene.
       20.   Auctioneers announce the name/s of the purchaser/s of each lot at the fall of the
            hammer where possible.

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