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Ezicalve - A program of performance!

          Ezicalve bulls provide the opportunity to add value at each  Semen Rights:
          stage of the dairy-beef production chain - from the dairy farm,   Morrison Farming retains the semen rights to all male animals
          to  the  calf-rearer,  to  the  grower,  to  the  eating  experience   with the Ardo prefix. Transferred registered bulls may have
          provided by our beef. Our Ezicalve genetics aim to provide   semen collected for the owner’s use. This semen cannot be
          the calving ease of Jerseys, the growth rates and carcase yields   sold, transferred or given away.  A registered bull may have up
          that enables profitable finishing before 18 months and beef   to five owners at one time. If the owner/s wish to collect and
          quality that wins NZ’s ‘Steak of Origin”. Ezicalve have invested   sell semen, they can purchase the semen rights in a separate
          in leading science, technology and progressive relationships to   contract with the bull’s breeders, Morrison Farming.
          ensure that this is a reality!
                                                              NZ Hereford Association Charges
          Farm and Herd Management:                           A surcharge of $200 will be added to the purchase price of
          Morrison  Farming  is  a  large,  integrated  sheep  and  beef   all bulls that require a Stud Transfer.  This covers the New
          breeding  and  finishing  business.  650  fully  performance   Zealand Hereford Association’s compulsory charges.
          recorded cows and heifers are calved annually making Ardo
          one of the largest stud beef herds in the country.  All cattle   Carcase Performance Recording
          are electric fence trained. All heifers are calved as 2-year-olds.   All yearling sale bulls have been ultra-sound carcase scanned
          All cows are farmed on the hill-country station, Mangara,   and have carcase EBVs. Due to the timing of this, these are
          west of Hunterville. The beef herd is profit focused and must   unable  to  be  published  in  this  catalogue,  however,  all  are
          compete in the paddock and on the balance sheet with our   available on request prior to sale day and can be viewed in
          high  performance  lamb  finishing  system.  Morrison  Farming   our online catalogue.
          are  one  of  only  four  NZ  Hereford Association “Herds  of
          Excellence”.  In  2014,  Morrisons  celebrated  150  years  of
          farming on the Fern Flats properties. You can check us out at   Cataloguing
                                                              Some  bulls  that  are  catalogued  do  not  appear  on  sale  day.

                                                              Bulls are removed from the sale catalogue for a wide range
                                                              of reasons including: they are retained as Morrison Farming
          Health Protocol:                                    stud sires, they have been injured, or have a health challenge. A
          Morrison  Farming  implements  an  ‘industry  best-practice’,   list of removed bulls is available on sale day and can be found
          whole farm, animal health program. This is recommended and   stapled around the yards. We apologies if this is inconvenient,
          documented by the Hunterville Vet Club. For sale bulls, this   however, there are plenty more good bulls available.
          •  TB - Herd status C10                             SNP testing and Genomic EBVs
          •  BVD  – All  bulls  have  been  blood  tested  BVD  antigen   A large percentage of the yearling bulls have been SNP (single
             negative  and  have  been  vaccinated  with  Hibrabovis. To   nucleotide polymorphisms) gene tested for the purpose of
             maintain each bull’s BVD vaccination status, all bulls will   producing genomic assisted EBVs.  Each bulls SNP-updated
             require an annual Hibrabovis booster each September.
          •  EBL - all bulls have blood-tested clear.         EBVs can be viewed in our online catalogue.
          •  IBR - all bulls are vaccinated for IBR (with Hibrabovis).
          •  All bulls have been vaccinated with Covexin 10 and Lepto
             3-way.  Annual boosters are recommended.         OnLine Catalogue and Information
          •   All Yearling and 2-Year-old bulls have had a drench with   Full  performance  and  pedigree  information  for  all  Ardo
             Genesis  injection  and  a  dip  with  Lypor  pour-on,  on  or   cattle  can  be  accessed online  at,  EBV
             before September 18.                             enquires, searching with the Ardo prefix. Morrison Farming
                                                              are industry leading beef cattle performance recorders and
          Health and Safety:                                  our Ardo cattle top most of the indexes and many of the
          •   Take care crossing the road.                    EBV traits for Hereford cattle.
          •   All electric fences are on.
          •   Treat the bulls quietly and with attention.
          •   Children are welcome, but please be responsible for
          •   If it is wet, be careful not to slip and fall.
          •   Ask any of the Morrison Farming team for any assistance.
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