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Welcome to our second on farm bull sale. We must thank everyone for making
      our first sale such a success. We were very blown away so THANKYOU!
      We have had an interesting year at Brackenfield, it was an amazing season
      early on. That saw us get great prices for lamb, mutton and beef. We were
      brought back down to earth with our second half of summer that has been the
      driest we’ve seen for quite some time.
      The  bulls  have  ticked  away  slowly.  We  are  very  pleased  with  this  year’s
      line  of  bulls.  Especially  the  Gump  sons. A  bull  we  purchased  half  shares
      with Grampian’s Angus. Our cows have come through well on a good early
      season, weaning calves 30kg ahead of last year. Our goal is to wean calves
      at 50% body weight to cow weight. This season the cows did 44% and heifers
      47%. So we feel we are on the right track. Any low performers are culled. We
      believe this is an important efficiency trait for a cow herd along with getting
      in calf within two cycles.
      Farm visits and enquires welcome any time. We look forward to welcoming
      you all to our sale SUNDAY the 14th JUNE however it may happen. Stay
      safe everyone.
      Angus, Ashley, Elsie, Ailee and Matilda Peter

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