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       1.  The sale will be conducted by Carrfields Livestock in accordance
         with the conditions of sale under the usual terms and conditions of
         the New Zealand Stock and Station Agents Association. Copy of
         which is exhibited at the sale venue
       2.  Sale will be conducted GST EXCLUSIVE
       3.  Each lot becomes the property and responsibility of the purchaser
         at the time of sale under the hammer.
       4.  Brackenfield  Angus  is  pleased  to  support  Angus  New  Zealand
         Premium Bull Cover through FMG. Please see further information
         about this product on the next page.
       5.  Purchasers are asked to complete booking and delivery instructions
         at the completion of the sale.
       6.  Although every care has been taken in ensuring the accuracy of
         this catalogue no responsibility is accepted for any errors that may
       7.  The Vendor reserves the right to change the catalogue order
       8.  Free delivery within New Zealand
       9.  All bulls are BVD NEGATIVE and vaccinated
       10. All  bulls  are  tuberculosis  tested  in  accordance  with  statutory
         regulations. TB Status C10
       11. All visitors must take care and responsibility on bull walk and sale
         day for their own safety and follow instructions given on the day with
         the Health and Safety Act 2005


       The  entry  of  any  bull  in  this  catalogue  constitutes  a  Guarantee  of
       soundness that affects the bull’s ability to breed and for fertility for three
       years. The purchase price will be refunded (without interest, expenses
       cost or damages) should the bull prove totally infertile ( a vet certificate
       is required to validate infertility) and provided that the purchaser shall
       throughout the guarantee period assure that the bull has proper care
       and attention and is maintained in good condition and health including
       BVD  vaccination.  The  value  of  the  bull  shall  decrease  by  1/3  each
       year taking into account possible killing revenue. The incapacity due
       to injury, neglect or to illness suffered or contracted after the sale is not
       covered by the guarantee

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