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Exclusive Bull Cover

       What is Exclusive Bull cover?
       FMG has partnered with Angus NZ to offer comprehensive
       insurance cover from the fall of the hammer with this vendor. All
       bulls auctioned at this exclusive Angus NZ and FMG sale up to
       the value of $50,000 will automatically be covered under FMG’s
       Exclusive Bull cover for 14 days at no cost to the purchaser.

       Length of cover
       To extend cover for the specified bull beyond 14 days you need to
       tick Exclusive Bull cover 12 months on the Purchaser Instruction
       and Insurance Slip in this catalogue. The specified bull is then
       covered for the remaining period of 12 months. The premium is
       payable to FMG and is in addition to the purchase price of the bull.
       If you require an alternative cover period talk to an FMG

       Your bull’s value
       Any bull covered under this policy must be purchased for $50,000
       or less.
       For any bull purchased over $50,000 talk to an FMG

       During the period of insurance, the specified
       animal is covered for:
       •  Death or infertility as a result of accident, disease or illness.
       •  Transit.
       •  Theft.

       What we will pay
       Fair market value of your specified bull, less any amount you
       receive for the sale of the carcass, up to the amount shown on the
       insurance certificate.

       Please note this is only a summary of the product and is subject to our specific product
       documentation. For full details, you should refer to the policy document. You can get these
       documents, and any other information you need, from your FMG representative, by calling us
       or visiting our website.
        0800 366 466          02/19 INHD
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