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 Exclusive Bull Cover  An animal’s breeding value is its genetic merit, half of which will
      be passed on to its progeny. While we will never know the exact
      breeding value, for performance traits it is possible to make good
 What is Exclusive Bull cover?  estimates. These estimates are called Estimated Breeding Values
 FMG has partnered with Angus NZ to offer comprehensive   In the calculation of EBVs, the performance of individual animals
 insurance cover from the fall of the hammer with this vendor. All   within a contemporary group is directly compared to the average
 bulls auctioned at this exclusive Angus NZ and FMG sale up to   of other animals in that group. A contemporary group consists of
 the value of $50,000 will automatically be covered under FMG’s   animals of the same sex and age class within a herd, run under
 Exclusive Bull cover for 14 days at no cost to the purchaser.  the same management conditions and treated equally. Indirect
      comparisons are made between animals reared in different
 Length of cover  contemporary groups, through the use of pedigree links between
 To extend cover for the specified bull beyond 14 days you need to   the groups.
 tick Exclusive Bull cover 12 months on the Purchaser Instruction   EBVs are expressed in the units of measurement for each particular
 and Insurance Slip in this catalogue. The specified bull is then   trait. They  are  shown  as  +  ive  or  -  ive  differences  between  an
 covered for the remaining period of 12 months. The premium is   individual animal’s genetics difference and the genetic base to
 payable to FMG and is in addition to the purchase price of the bull.  which the animal is compared. For example, a bull with an EBV
      of +50 kg for 600-Day Weight is estimated to have genetic merit
 If you require an alternative cover period talk to an FMG   50 kg above the breed base of 0 kg. Since the breed base is set to
 representative.  an historical benchmark, the average EBVs of animals in each year
      drop has changed over time as a result of genetic progress within
 Your bull’s value  the breed.
 Any bull covered under this policy must be purchased for $50,000   The absolute value of any EBV is not critical, but rather the differences
 or less.   in EBVs between animals. Particular animals should be viewed as
      being “above or below breed average” for a particular trait.
 For any bull purchased over $50,000 talk to an FMG   Whilst EBVs provide the best basis for the comparison of the
      genetic merit of animals reared in different environments and
      management conditions, they can only be used to compare
 During the period of insurance, the specified   animals analysed within the same analysis. Consequently, NZ
 animal is covered for:  ANGUS BREEDPLAN EBVs cannot be validly compared with EBVs
      for any other breed.
 •  Death or infertility as a result of accident, disease or illness.  Although EBVs provide an estimate of an animal’s genetic merit for
 •  Transit.  a range of production traits, they do not provide information for all
 •  Theft.  of the traits that must be considered during selection of functional
      animals. In all situations, EBVs should be used in conjunction with
 What we will pay  visual assessment for other traits of importance (such as structural
      soundness, temperament, fertility etc). A recommended practice
 Fair market value of your specified bull, less any amount you   is to firstly select breeding stock based on EBVs and to then select
 receive for the sale of the carcass, up to the amount shown on the   from this group to ensure that the final selections are otherwise
 insurance certificate.  acceptable.
      EBVs are published for a range of traits covering fertility, calving
      ease,  milking  ability,  growth,  carcase  merit  and  feed  efficiency.
 Disclaimer  When using EBVs to assist in selection decisions it is important to
 Please note this is only a summary of the product and is subject to our specific product
 documentation. For full details, you should refer to the policy document. You can get these   achieve a balance between the different groups of traits and to
 documents, and any other information you need, from your FMG representative, by calling us   place emphasis on those traits that are important to the particular
 or visiting our website.
      herd, markets and environment. One of the advantages of having
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