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Welcome to our 29th Annual Bull Sale

        ‘May you live in interesting times’, the ironic greeting/curse attributed (also ironic!) to a
        Chinese source, has become the understatement of a lifetime as the Covid 19 pandemic
        drastically reshapes the way we live, work and play. The rapid spread of the disease has left no
        one unaffected although as farmers we continue to go about our business producing food for
        the world and, since we have always worked from home, are less affected in our day to day
        life than probably anyone. A bonus that we are experiencing is the state highway that bisects
        our property is now very quiet and crossing stock is a breeze!

        One area that farmers have had to make some changes in is the way we sell livestock, with
        sale yards off limits and people movements and gatherings restricted or banned. As I write
        this, I am unsure how your weaner and store sales are going but I hope by the time you read
        this the trading has been satisfactory for both buyers and sellers.

        Planning for this year’s bull sale is based around the uncertainty of where the restrictions will
        be in late May and having a strategy regardless. The sale will still be an auction but will be
        run on-line on the `Bidr’ platform We used this system last spring when
        we offered six black yearling bulls for sale and it worked well. We will have videos of the bull
        on the site and, hopefully, we will be able to host clients in the days prior to sale to inspect
        the bulls and tick off your preferences. We may also be able to host a limited number of
        buyers on farm on sale day. All bidding will be done on a PC, tablet or phone whether buyers
        are here at Glenside or else where in the country. There will be no traditional auctioneer. We
        have high-speed wifi in our sale complex. Livestock agents will still handle all the invoicing
        and collect their buying commissions. You and/or your agent will need to register with Bidr
        to participate. The next page contains details on how to do that. Please note: all stock firms
        are eligible to participate so nominate your preference when you register. Simple as!
        Due to difficulties with printers not working we will not be printing hard copies of our
        catalogue this year, but you will be able to print a simplified version to scribble on if/when you
        visit- click the link here to download: Glenside Simmentals A4 Sale Sheets. Drastic changes,
        I know, but we would like to sweeten it with a draw amongst purchasers for a “Weekend at
        Millbrook, Queenstown” when the world returns to some semblance of normality.

        The bulls themselves have benefitted from a growthy season here in the south but the key,
        as always, is the genes they pass to their progeny. With any terminal sire their ability to pass
        along their ability to grow quickly is paramount. Almost all of this year’s line-up are in the
        top 10% of the breed for progeny’s weight gain. On top of that most are polled and those
        that are not are outstanding bulls.
        As usual all our sale bulls carry our guarantee of soundness. Should a fault develop, which is
        not coverable by insurance, and which affects the bull’s ability to breed, we will refund to the

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