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2020 Sale
                                              62 Rising 2 Year Bulls

                  View the Bulls ‘Walking’ on the Kaharau YouTube channel.

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          We are pleased to enclose the 2020 Kaharau Bull       We are pleased to present sons of some new sires
          Sale Catalogue.                                       at this years Sale - Tangihau Bayly L57 who was
          It certainly has been unprecedented and interesting   purchased in 2016 for $42,000 – powerful bulls
                                                                with muscle, grunt and great back ends, William of
          times, we hope you and your family have come
          through Lockdown safe and well. It certainly is a     Stern – bulls with the X factor, softness, length and
          relief to be in Level 2 and nearly back to some sort of   presence and Taimate Lazarus L12 – bulls with
                                                                style and great carcases. As always, all the sale bulls
          normality and we are enjoying catching up with family
          and friends.                                          have been assessed for the AA tick so you can buy a
                                                                Kaharau bull with confidence
          Our thoughts are very much with those of you who
          have been struggling with the prolonged drought and   At Kaharau, we invest heavily in our breeding
                                                                programme to bring you quality genetics by sourcing
          hope that by the time you receive this, you have had
          some Autumn rain.                                     sire bulls and semen from throughout NZ and
                                                                Australia. We annually coordinate a significant AI
          We were completely delighted with the support and     programme with MA Cows and heifers and an ET
          strong result at our 2019 Kaharau Bull Sale – a huge   programme, using specially selected Donor cows.
          thank you to all our clients – buyers, underbidders,
          Auctioneer, agents, family and friends and thank      We are not chasing extreme traits but rather
          you to our great team here at Kaharau- Nick, Torey,   following a balanced approach where we place huge
                                                                importance on the positive structural genetics of our
          Greg, Kim & Jiba. The top priced bull, a Millah Murrah
          Kingdom son, Kaharau 17-306 sold to Atahua and        cattle. We are proud to present to you - balanced,
          Merchiston Studs for $78,000. The balance of the      strong and functional cattle that are phenotypically
                                                                correct and structurally sound, that have longevity
          Kingdom sons sold very strongly, averaging close to
          $20,000 and five bulls sold to Studs. 56/56 bulls sold   and can do the job for you on the hill country.
          and averaged $13009.                                  In the ever increasing pressure to increase genetic
          The 2020 Bull Sale on Monday 22nd June will be        gain and carcase qualities in NZ Angus cattle, it is
                                                                very concerning that some important attributes are
          held during Level 2 Covid restrictions. This means we
          are restricted to host only 100 registered buyers     at risk.  Our breeding programme here at Kaharau is
          at the Sale, with social distancing. Please see       tempered to reduce the risk of any extreme traits that
                                                                will compromise the structural basics, as has been
          attached flyer.
                                                                reported in some herds.
          New to the Sale this year is the addition of an
          on-line live video auction provided by Carrfields     The protection of key maternal traits which are
          Livestock called AuctionsPlus. Any queries, please    the backbone of productive cow herds remains
                                                                paramount. Kaharau has been consistently breeding
          contact Lisa Treleaven – 027 255 4872
                                                                dams for over 63 years that are genetically well set
                                                                up to deliver live calves – smooth shoulders and
                                                                correct pelvic size. Kaharau dams have minimal
                                                                calving issues. We endeavour to breed a cow that
                                                                can produce a calf every year, have good functional
                                                                balanced udders who milk well, raise a good weaner
                                                                = early growth = WEIGHT = $ at the Saleyards or at
                                                                the meat processing companies.
                                                                It is very heartening to receive positive feedback from
                                                                clients and see you achieve on-going commercial and
                                                                marketplace success with your Kaharau bred cattle.
                                                                Please contact us to view the bulls before the Sale.
                                                                Once again, we thank you very much for your
                                                                support in 2019 and look forward to welcoming you to
                                                                Kaharau on Monday June 22nd. Please remember to
                                                                DRESS WARMLY.
                                                                PLEASE BRING THIS CATALOGUE TO THE SALE.
                                                                Penny & Pete Hoogerbrug 027 655 7104
                                                                Nick & Tracy Carr 021 656 023
                                                                Tribute to Prince on the inside back cover.
          Kaharau cattle speak for themselves               - 1 -
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