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          All EAST COAST ANGUS BULLS have been inspected for the ‘AA’ logo standard Angus
          Approved cattle by a qualified Angus Association inspector.

          What does this mean?
          This means that the animal has passed a minimum standard with relation to:

             •  Structural soundness                     •  Capacity
             •  Feet                                     •  Reproductive Traits
             •  Jaw                                      •  Sheath
             •  Angus Breed Types                        •  Testicles
             •  Frame Size                               •  Temperament

          The bull buyer can then buy with confidence knowing that all the above points have been considered. Look out for the
          Approved Status logo in breeders catalogues this year: your guarantee of quality.
          During 2002 the New Zealand Angus Association changed its inspection system to reflect an increasing demand for a
          quality control system that could be promoted throughout the Angus Industry.
          Now animals of a minimum age ( 18 months ) which pass inspection by qualified Association inspectors may assume an
          Approved Status that may be promoted in public sale forums under the associated New Zealand Angus Approved Status
          logo as shown here.
          This Inspection service is offered by Angus New Zealand to breeding members as a form of quality assurance and
          indicates that the animal has passed inspection on the specific day it was viewed. The inspection is carried out by an
          approved Angus NZ Inspector, and animals of a minimum age which pass this inspections may assume an “Independently
          Inspected” status and may be promoted under the associated Angus NZ “Independently Inspected / AA Tick” logo.
          Inspections are carried out in accordance with the Angus NZ Inspection Manual 2011.

          The Kaharau Sale Bulls were independently inspected by a qualified Angus NZ inspector on the 7th May, 2020.

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