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A BREEDPLAN tip about

                                scrotal circumference of bulls

            The scrotal circumference of a bull provides an important indication of his genetic merit for several impor-
            tant fertility traits. Increased scrotal circumference is associated with -
                •  Earlier age at puberty
                •  Increased semen production
                •  Improved semen quality.

            Increased scrotal circumference also has a favourable relationship with female fertility, both in terms of
            earlier age at puberty, earlier return to oestrous  and shorter days to calving.


            Kaharau bulls are renown for having impressive scrotal measurements. The scrotals on the bulls are
            regularly assessed from weaners to the Sale and our policy is to cull any bulls that have small scrotals.
            Kaharaus’ top sale bulls regularly have scrotals of 42 to 45 cm.

            The average scrotal measurements have been –

            2018 Kaharau Sale bulls was 42.7 cm, 2019 Kaharau Sale bulls was 42.4cm and the 2020 Kaharau
            Sale bulls, measured on the 7  May is 43.7cm.
            And as Bruce Robertson says on page 6, “a good indicator of fertility, the scrotum should be about the
            size of two Speights cans.”


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