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                                         EDIT FROM – Otago Daily Times, May 2018

          Hosted by Beef & Lamb NZ, leading Hereford breeder and judge Bruce Robertson, of Duncraigen
          Herefords stud, talked about the qualities to look for when buying a bull at the bull-focused field day
          on Patearoa and Stonehenge Stations on April 24, 2018.

          At Kaharau, we follow the principals Bruce is discussing below to give you, the buyer,
          confidence in your Bull buying decisions. As always, we continue to uphold the quality and
          high standard of the cattle here at Kaharau, they are regularly subjected to strict assessment
          and rigorous culling for the traits that we and you value.
          “Farmers buying a bull should consider conformation, structural soundness and walk to determine the
          quality of an animal and if it is a wise investment.”

          ‘’The average bull, which cost thousands, lasted about three and a-half years when they should last
          for up to five!”

          “The testicles and sheath should be the first consideration, and then the animal’s structure and feet.”

          “A good indicator of fertility, the scrotum should be about the size of two Speight’s cans.”
          “The bull’s sheath should be tucked into the body rather than loose or flopping, which could result in a
          broken penis.”
           “Important also to look at the foot claws to see if they grow evenly, are not open and divergent or
          likely to over grow and become a scissor claw.”
          “Hooves should be flat and square to the ground.”

          ‘’When walking, the back feet should end up where the front feet left, so shoulders, feet and hocks are
          right and the body is in sync.’’
          “The legs should be straight as opposed to bow-legged or knock-kneed and also straight in the hock
          so the bull would be able to mount a cow successfully on the side of a Central Otago hill…..bowed
          back legs put pressure on joints.’’
          ‘’Eyes should be well set in and I want to see a big, deep strong jaw….. If it can’t walk on the hill and if
          it can’t eat, it is no bloody use.”

          ‘’If you get that right, then everything goes along with it.’’
          Temperament should be a given.
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