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INSTRUCTIONS                                           assistants, on the Day of the Sale, to ensure the safety of intending
       Purchasers are to fill out the Instruction slip at the back of the   buyers and visitors. We wish however to advise that this is a Farm
       Catalogue and hand it to the Sales clerk before leaving the Sale.  run under normal management conditions, and certain dangers exist
                                                              in relation to livestock and their environ-ment. Visitors should take
       HEALTH                                                 care to ensure their personal safety.
       Bulls are BVD Tested and Vaccinated
       Bulls are Lepto Vaccinated, 10in1 Vaccinated           Under the Occupational health & safety Act 1992 we are required to
       TB Clear C10 Herd                                      advise people of possible hazards:
       Bulls have passed the Tararua Breeding Centre Bull Fertility   HAZARDS:
       This evaluation was carried out by Guy Haynes of Totally Vets Ltd  •   Cattle Movements, Cattle Yards, Slippery Surface, Uneven
                                                                 Ground, Bull Sale Area,
       GENETIC DEFECTS                                        •   Work vehicles, Grandstand Seating Area
       All Bulls are AM, NH, CA, DD, Free Untested ( by Pedigree) or Tested Free  •   No Children In Pens With Cattle
       All details and descriptions have been supplied by the Vendors and
       while every care has been taken to ensure accuracy, no responsibility   Afternoon Tea is available before the sale and a barbeque
                                                              with refreshments at the conclusion of the sale – we warmly
       is accepted for any omission or error that might be contained therein.
                                                              welcome you to stay for something to eat and drink.
       Every effort will be taken by the Vendors, Auctioneer, staff and
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