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Who could have guessed 2020 was and is the year that may define a generation and like
                 WW1, The Great Depression and WW2, 2020 will be remembered for many different

                 One thing is for sure though, farming is the industry that will pull the nation through this
                 difficult patch, and the heart of farming are our breeding cow herds. The Angus breed of
                 course being the largest base in New Zealand, since seen in the remarkable results of our
                 past bull selling season.

                 With this in mind, the opportunity that this Rangatira Yearling and Two Year Old Sale
                 presents, cannot be understated as a once in a lifetime chance to secure some of the best
                 genetics New Zealand has to offer. Rangatira are at the cutting edge of the genetic pattern
                 and only the best will be offered, quality females are guaranteed.

                 Your opportunity to buy and then mate according to your preference is rare in our industry,
                 and this makes this offering even more special. Outstanding females with proper breed type
                 and quality, and “in condition” to take a bull on arrival home cannot be over stated as
                 another good reason to make it to this sale, and select the right females to secure your
                 future and your families future in our great farming nation.

                 Looking forward to the day and the sale,

                 Best wishes,
                 Neville Clark

                               PHOTOS OF RANGATIRA TWO YEAR OLD SALE HEIFERS 2020

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