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Please clean your boots before coming to the sale.

            No to Mycoplasma bovis!

           Riverton Herefords is a closed beef                  Other  precautions  to  mitigate  the
           breeding herd.                                       risk of M.bovis exposure include:
                                                                •   Full  NAIT compliance and recording of all animal
           We have purchased no breeding or                         movements and treatments for over ten years.
           trading stock for over 8 years.
                                                                •   Communication with our neighbours with dairy
           No bulls have been leased and any                        sourced stock to coordinate grazing to avoid over
           backup loan bulls have been sent                         the fence contact.
           direct to slaughter.
                                                                •   A plan is being implemented to fence a buffer with
                                                                    these neighbours.

            Exceptions to this are:                             •   Any straggler cattle returned are either isolated or
                                                                    sent to slaughter.
           •   Sire  bulls in recent  years  have  been  sourced
              from our Ezicalve partners, Morrision Farming at   •   A boot cleaning bay and register for farm visitors.
              Marton, and Shadow Downs at Waverley. Both of
              these studs are closed herds.                     •   All cattle health treatments and products are
                                                                    documented and are sourced from the Wanganui
           •   Trading heifers purchased in 2013 were farmed on     Vet Services
              a lease property with a separate NAIT number.
                                                                •   Semen used has either been made over five
           •   Two or three cattle enter our property each year     years ago or from our Ezicalve breeding partners
              over hill country boundary fences. These incursions   Morrision farming
              are recorded when cattle contact is made.

                          Please use footbaths and designated

                              entry point when arriving at sale
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