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       The entry of a bull in the catalogue ipso facto carries with it an undertaking by the vendor that the purchase price (without interest, expense
       costs or damages) will be refunded should the bull prove totally infertile or incapable of service.  If a bull so entered should not possess a
       reasonable fertility, although not totally infertile, any dispute shall be settled by an arbitrator appointed by the auctioneers and the award of
       such arbitrator shall be accepted as final and binding by the parties to the dispute.  Any complaint must be lodged with the Vendor in
       writing within six (6) calendar months of the date of the sale.  The cost of taking delivery of and returning a bull to the Vendor shall be
       borne by the purchaser.  A veterinary surgeon’s certificate shall be produced by the purchaser when required.  The undertaking is limited to
       the individual value of a bull as a breeder and does not exceed to the loss of profits or otherwise sustained in the event of infertility or
       non-capacity being proved.  The undertaking shall bind the executors or administrators of a vendor.

       TRIAL PERIOD: In every case a trial period of twelve calendar months from the date of sale must be allowed to test the fertility of the bull.

       The incapacity due to injury from whatsoever cause or to illness or disease suffered or contracted after the date of sale is not covered by the

       That the purchaser shall throughout the guarantee period give the bull full and sufficient opportunity to prove that he is a good server and
       stockgetter or to demonstrate his ability to get stock whichever the case may be.

       The purchaser shall throughout the trial period assure that the bull has proper care and attention and is maintained in good condition and

       Failure on the part of the purchaser to observe or perform the foregoing conditions or any of them shall render the undertaking void.

       Shian Angus: HB number: 16461

                                              BULL FERTILITY EVALUATION
       The bulls for sale in this catalogue have met the following parameters that are required to pass the Tararua Breeding Centre Bull Fertility
       Evaluation.  This evaluation was carried out by Guy Haynes from Totally Vets Ltd.

       LIBIDO                Bull’s must demonstrate the ability to mount an “in season” heifer or cow.

       PENILE SOUNDNESS      Each bull’s extended penis is examined during mounting for structural soundness, injuries and abnormalities.

       SEMEN EVALUATION  Each bull’s ejaculate, which is collected in an artificial vagina, is examined microscopically for Density,
                             Motility, Morphology and must pass the minimum standards of 75% normal.
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