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      Delivery of bulls will be free within the North Island at the Vendor’s convenience.

      We recommend purchasers to insure their bulls on the day of sale.

      All intending purchasers are required to register at the sales office prior to the sale.  A purchasing rebate of 6% will then be paid to
      non-participating livestock companies and recognised independent livestock agents with approved credit facilities introducing new and/or
      accompanying buyers to the sale.  Arrangements must be made prior to the sale and settlement made on the purchasers behalf within 14

      All Lots plus G.S.T

                                                   CONDITIONS OF SALE
      1.    The Sale will be conducted under the Rules and Regulations of the N.Z. Stock and Station Agents’ Association as posted on to
      2.    Transfer fees are payable by the purchasers except in the case of cattle sold for export, when the transfer fee is payable by the
      3.    Purchaser of Cattle for export to contact Vendor prior to sale to confirm health tests required.
      4.    All transfers must be signed on the day of sale.
      5.    All cattle become the purchaser’s responsibility from the fall of the hammer.
      6.    All cattle have passed the Tuberculosis tests and are accredited clear of Brucellosis.
      7.    Genetic Defects -
            AM (Arthrogryposis Multiplex)
            NH (Neuropathy Hydrocephalus)
            CA (Contractural Arachnodactyly)
            DD (Developmental Duplication)
            FU (Free Untested)
            All bulls are AMFU, NHFU, CAFU and DDFU
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