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Bid on-farm or bid on-line

            Introducing the bidr Hybrid Auction

            Our on-farm sale will be held in conjunction with bidr as a Hybrid auction. Hybrid auctions allow an auctioneer to have
            full control of the sale - with bidr® acting as an online bidding clerk. With our livestream video link, online bidders will
            be able to watch and hear the action from the rostrum.
            To find out more, go to

               How does it work?

                 step     The auctioneer will instruct bidr        step     The bidr “Market Operator” will call
                 1        to open the lot for online bids to       4        all online bids to the auctioneer as

                                                                            they are received
                          be placed

                 step     The bidr “Market Operator” will          step     When no more bids are received, the
                 2        update all bid increments, as            5        the sale, and move onto the next lot in
                                                                            auctioneer will close the lot to confirm
                          determined by the auctioneer
                                                                            the sale catalogue

                 step     An on-site “bidspotter” will place
                 3        all on-site bids in bidr to ensure    NZ’s VIRTUAL SALEYARD
                          that remote bidders are seeing the
                          current price in real-time   | 0800 TO BIDR

            Why use a Hybrid auction

            for an on-farm sale?

                                                                                   To find out more,
               Maximise buyer reach                                                go to
            Allows buyers the ability to attend the auction on-site or             or contact the bidr team
            bid from the comfort of their own home.                                on 0800 TO BIDR
                                                                                   (0800 86 2437)
               Real-time bidding

            Have confidence in knowing that all bids are placed
            through our real-time auction platform – no long delays                
            or latency.                                                            

                  NZ’s VIRTUAL SALEYARD  |  |  0800 TO BIDR


  BIDR (0800 86 2437)
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