Page 4 - Stern Angus Bull Sale Booklet 2020
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       Welcome to the 10th annual Stern yearlings sale.

       It’s a pleasure to present these bulls that are selected for calving ease and low birth weight. The weights of the
       top bulls are expected to approach 550kg on sale day which is far and away more than anything we’ve offered
       before! Many are therefore suitable for both heifers or cows.

       This year features a couple of outstanding AI bulls by Connealy Legendary and Musgrave Stunner. Lot 2 in
       particular was debated with our auctioneer whether he should be presented in this catalogue at all, or feature in
       our winter sale. We decided to leave him with the yearling sale bulls and will collect semen for our own use.

       It’s not surprising these are heifer bulls when half the catalogue is made up of sons of three Te Mania bulls which
       feature strong calving ease traits and sons of McCaw daughters who was a trait leader for Gestation length and
       Calving ease! Combined with growth of up to +115 the catalogue lacks nothing in performance.

       We very much encourage and welcome pre sale viewing.

       James, Fe, Donald and Robert

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