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SALE INFO                                            stated herein, the conditions stipulated in this
                                                                catalogue will prevail.
                                                              11. All intending purchasers must register at the
                                                                sale complex prior to the sale.
           CONDITIONS OF SALE                                 12. PGW will pay a purchasing rebate of 6%

                                                                of the purchase price excluding GST, plus
         1. The term “lot” shall apply to anything offered      GST, to livestock companies and recognised
            for sale.                                           independent livestock agents with a PGW
                                                                account who have introduced buyers to PGW
         2. All lots are sold exclusive of GST.                 before the sale and/or have accompanied

         3. The highest bidder for any lot shall be the         buyers to the sale.
            purchaser. Should any dispute arise, the          13. Insurance: Insurance of your bulls is
            dispute may be settled by the auctioneer at         recommended and representatives from
            his option, or the lot may be put up again and      FMG will be at the sale. FMG have partnered
            re-sold.                                            with Angus NZ to provide a special rate for
         4. The bidding from time to time shall be              bull insurance. All bulls will be automatically
            regulated by the auctioneer, and no bid shall       insured at the fall of the hammer with FMG
            be retracted.                                       Limited for a period of 14 days from the sale
                                                                at no cost to the purchaser. All bulls will then
         5. If any lot is offered at a reserve price in
            excess of the highest bid, the highest bidder       be insured for a 12-month period by FMG
            shall have priority of right to purchase at such    at a rate of 6.5%, which will be added to the
            price.                                              purchaser price by the booking company.
                                                                The purchaser can decline the FMG
         6. Each lot shall be the risk of the purchaser         insurance offer or choose alternative cover
            immediately on the fall of the hammer and           by filling in the appropriate section in the
            such deposit (if any) shall be paid as may be       purchaser’s slip and handing it to the booking
            demanded by the auctioneer.                         clerk at the sale.
         7. No lot shall be taken delivery of, or removed     14. Freight: Freight will be paid by the breeder,
            from the sale complex by the purchaser,             for bulls transported throughout the North
            without first obtaining a delivery order,           Island, and to Feilding for South Island bound
            signed by the auctioneer or his clerk giving        bulls, as soon as transport can be arranged.
            permission for such removal.
                                                              15. **Certificate of Guarantee: All Tangihau
         8. All sales to overseas buyers are conditional        Angus bulls sold at the annual sale held
            on the cattle passing the necessary tests for       onsite at the Tangihau Angus sale complex
            importation into the purchaser’s country.           are guaranteed for 3 years from the date of
         9. The New Zealand Stock and Station Agent’s           purchase for fertility, structural soundness
            Association (Stock and Station) Conditions          and capability of service. This means if for
            of Sale and, to the extent deemed relevant          any reason the bull does not perform due
            by PGG Wrightson Limited (PGW,) the                 to his own fertility or there is a structural
            PGW’s Terms of Sale apply to this sale.             soundness defect (excluding injury, disease
            When proceeds are credited or a purchase            or the poor management of the purchaser)
            is debited to a PGW monthly credit account,         during the guaranteed period, Tangihau
            then PGW’s Monthly Account Terms of Trade           Angus will refund the purchaser on a
            (as amended from time to time) apply to the         proportional basis, with 1/3 of sale price
            extent deemed relevant by PGW. A copy of            being deducted for each year since purchase
            these terms can be found online  at: https://       (less the slaughter price realised). In order
                   for Tangihau Angus to process a refund the
            Terms-and-Conditions or provided in                 purchaser making the claim must provide a
            hardcopy on request.                                vet certificate. Please note that all Bulls are
                                                                inspected for sale by qualified New Zealand
         10. Should any discrepancy arise between the           Angus Society Inspectors.
            Stock and Station Conditions of Sale, the
            PGW Terms of Sale & the conditions of sale
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