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e are thrilled to present the line-up of bulls for our 2020
            Annual sale. These 69 boys have come through the autumn
      Wexceptionally well, and as you will see there is quality right
      throughout the catalogue.
      This year’s line-up of bulls have all the attributes we are aiming to
      achieve and are headlined by sons of Turihaua Rhino, Turihaua King,
      Turihaua Hulk, Turihaua Mammoth and Goldwyn H817
      All the bulls have been service capacity tested, BVD tested negative
      and vaccinated, AA inspected and come with our 3 year guarantee.
      As a host of an event during the Covid-19 crisis we are sure you are
      all aware of the government restrictions to keep us safe and to ensure
      contact tracing. Between the time of printing this catalogue and the
      actual bull sale we cannot predict what restrictions may be in place.
      Under current requirements we are not allowed more than 100 people
      at the event. So please take this into consideration when planning to
      come to the sale.
      For those of you unable to make it cell phone service will be available
      at the rostrum and bids can be taken via this method through one of
      our agents.
      We strongly encourage you to get in touch with Paul and to view the bulls
      on farm sale if you like to make your purchasing decisions as a team. A
      great opportunity to view the bull is at the EAST COAST ANGUS BULL
      WALK with Turihaua’s bulls on display Sunday 7 June at 11.15am and
      do give Paul a call to discuss the Lots of interest to you.
      The unprecedented dry coupled with the Covid 19 crisis has seen a
      perfect storm for some farmers. Never have we seen such a huge
      turn around in schedule prices in such a short period of time. Our
      thoughts go out to everybody affected, the key to these situations is
      remaining positive. It will rain at some stage and red meat will be
      back at the top of the food chain again…we just don’t know when.
      Finally we must thank all our supporters and clients. You guys are
      the reason we get up each morning with a bounce in our step. It
      is so rewarding for us to hear amazing stories of high conception
      rates and incredible bull longevity. It is a privilege to be such a key
      component of your businesses and to help you achieve your goals of
      increasing productivity on your farms.
      Our long term objective is to become the most fertile, efficient Angus
      herd in the country.
      Paul and Sarah Williams
      06 868 6709

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