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         All bulls are guaranteed for a period of three years
         for fertility and soundness.
         Fertility:   All bulls must pass a rigorous Serving
         Capacity  test  for  fertility  before  they  make  the
         sale. This test identifies and removes the bulls that
         are unfit for mating. Bulls with a medium serving
         capacity (will serve up to 40 cows) and bulls with
         high to very high serving capacity (will serve up to
         70 cows) are available for sale.
         Soundness:  All bulls must also pass a rigorous
         test for structural soundness, testicle size and
         confirmation by Eastland Vet Services.
         If for any reason a Turihaua bull, within the “Three
         Year Guarantee” period does not perform as a result
         of his own infertility or a structural defect: excluding
         injury, we will:
         Refund the purchase price or part thereof over the
         3 years of Guarantee minus salvage value.
         Bulls that are insured will be exempt from a refund
         if the defect is picked up during the insured period.

              Conditions of Guarantee
         • Notify the breeder, so he can advise on Guarantee
         • Vet certificate or letter of infertility or unsoundness
           must be sent to breeder.
         • Please notify breeder prior to disposing of bull
           unless for humane reasons.
         • Kill sheet with bull salvage value.

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