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The yearling bulls selected for this sale
                                              are specifically chosen for their ease of
       Welcome to the                         calving genetics combined with structural
                                              assessment for use over both heifers and
       Waitangi Angus                         cows. In our programme note also the
                                              good growth EBV’s that go with these
       Annual YearlingSale                    bulls, we are carefully selecting for both

                                              ease of calving and growth characteristics
                                              combined with carcase qualities.

                                              We suggest that whilst selecting a bull you
                                              evaluate your own programme carefully
                                              and that you should consider the size
                                              and breed of your heifers combined
                                              with environmental inputs when making
                                              your choice of bull. Feeding regimes may
                                              also affect calf size in the later stage of

                                              Using new technology will become an
                                              increasing part of modern day farming,
                                              we have made the investment in having all
                                              our calves sire verified and I50K analyzed
                                              for enhanced predictability of EBV’s of the
                                              bulls we are offering, very few NZ herds
                                              offer this today.  We invite you to make
                                              the most of the opportunity, take the
                                              Waitangi ADVANTAGE - Economically
                                              enhanced EBV’s work!

                                              We thank you for your interest and
                                              we look forward  to catching up
                                              with previous clients and hopefully
                                              meeting new clients and visitors to
                                              our sale - all are most welcome.

                                              John and Joss Bayly
                                              Phone/Fax: 09 402 7552
                                              Mobile: 0274 743 185
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