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       Linear measuring

       Linear measuring produces an accurate standard for reproductive   RUMP LENGTH %  The percentage the rump makes up of the 2/3 body
       performance and maintenance efficiency of grass fed cattle. It   length.  A range of 36 to 40 percent is ideal.  Rump length percent
       measures phenotypic expressions of testosterone production in   in the bull influences the neck length in his daughters. Lower rump
       the male and estrogen in the female, and is a formalization of   length percent increases neck length in daughters – indicative of
       what we subjectively refer to as balance and type. Important   higher maintenance and tendency to over-produce milk.
       areas in the bull are shoulder width, neck length, scrotal size and   RUMP WIDTH %  Rump height divided into rump width. Should be 44%
       conformation, and the heart girth to top line ratio.    or greater.  Greater is better.  High rump width percent is indicative
       SCROTAL  Ideally the scrotum should be 38 to 40 centimeters.   of early maturity, testosterone and ease of keeping.
       It should be football shaped with the epididymis on the very   ADJUSTED SHOULDER WIDTH  Shoulder width minus rump length.  Should
       bottom.  There should be no nipples on the neck of the scrotal   be 50mm or greater.  A high indicator of masculinity, reproductive
       sac. All Waiterenui sale bulls have been independently evaluated   efficiency and ability to withstand stress. Correlated with uniform
       for scrotal soundness.                                  gestation length, uniform birth weights, ease of calving and more
       FRAME  Taller animals gain weight longer.  They take longer to   uniform weaning weights.
       achieve puberty and longer to finish, especially off grass. Tall   ADJUSTED NECK LENGTH  Actual neck length minus half the body length.
       animals have less meat yield than short thick animals and are   Short necks are a good indicator of libido and high testosterone
       higher in maintenance requirement.                      production.  Bulls with shorter necks sire early maturing daughters
       GIRTH  The closer the heart girth is to the top line or greater, the more   with wide rumps.
       efficient, adaptable and vigorous the animal is.  Larger is better.  RANK Higher is better.
       FLANK  The difference between rear flank and heart girth is
       correlated to fertility.  Rear flank should be 50mm larger than   NOTE: Figures will be available on Sale Day.
       girth, or greater.  High flanked cattle are high maintenance, lack
       substance and are very undesirable.

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