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       Dear friends and breeders

       What a life these boys have had.  Their post-weaning autumn period this time   highly sort after in our September 2019 yearling bull sale and because none
       last year was dreadful, and this autumn has been worse!  Over the summer   of his sons will be transferable to registered breeders we expect a sound
       we had these chaps on a kale crop (something we rarely do with bulls), but   demand for them.
       it was a bit dry all the way through and never really got going so we have
       been supplementing them since mid-January with bought in hay and silage.    Matauri Mack G146 also has his last crop this year.  There aren’t so many of
       We think that they are looking very good, all things considered.    his because he got beaten-up mid-season by Titan and had to be put down.
                                                               Mack’s progeny are everything an Angus needs to be; highly productive,
       They are designed and built to leave top producing cows and early maturing   easy keeping, sound and suitable for current markets.  We particularly like
       progeny.  In the increasingly divided world of Angus genetics this is almost   our Mack females because they’re tough.  One son retained this year, P135.
       a forgotten strength and imperative.  The value of two extra calves born
       (per 100 cows) far surpasses the financial reward of elite market premiums.  Waiterenui K152 has growthy later maturing sons in the catalogue, while
                                                               Waiterenui L210 (Black Pudding) progeny are really easy doing and impressive,
       They are from an environment that does not do female youngstock many   one son retained.  Several other Waiterenui sires feature well.
       favours, and selects only those with a physiological capacity for early   Rounding out the lineup are more Ardrossan Honours and Millah Murrah
       reproduction.  Three sire groups stand out – the Brookwood Titans’, the   Klooneys, both used for increasing carcase merit.  One son of Storth Oaks
       Turihaua Chisels’ and the Matauri Macks’.
                                                               Trifecta, a carcase merit bull bought in partnership with Te Atarangi and
       Titan has been a fabulous sire, and these are his fourth and last crop for us.    Stokman Angus, makes it into the line.
       He is now owned by Jono Reed at Grampians Angus where we are sure he
       will do well.  Not many sires are used for four seasons, but he has bred so   With all the choices available in the Angus world, where should you go for
       consistently the he was given the geriatrics (10 year old + cows) for this   your bulls?   It’s all about veracity, trust and the environment the cows were
       mating.  These sons dominate the front of the catalogue and are all out of   selected in.  If you want calves on the ground (and this is what pays the bills),
       our best old cows.  We have retained one of his sons this year – P035.  buy from a breeder and not a marketer.
                                                               Waiterenui are proudly breeders.
       Turihaua Chisel is a product of the Turihaua embryo programme, and has
       produced a very impressive line for us.  They are all highly desirable types   We look forward to seeing you on sale day.
       showing good growth potential whilst retaining early maturity – something
       we will see less and less of with the changing face of Angus.  His sons were   Will and Viv

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