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       Breeding and Genetic Objectives

       To maximise weaning percentage and weaning weight in a strictly   self-replacing herd in which some females are retained for breeding
       commercial environment.                                 and surplus females, along with all males, are slaughtered. The main
       u  Prioritise fertility traits, calving ease traits and maternal traits   drivers of profit addressed by the Index include (in order of economic
          over growth and carcase.                             importance): direct and maternal calving ease, growth, meat yield,
                                                               cow survival, finishing ability, fertility and cow efficiency. The
       u  Maintain inherent structural soundness and docility.  Economic Services Division of Meat & Wool NZ regularly updates
       u  Better the genetic breed-average.                    the economic inputs that affect these drivers.
       u  Achieve optimal muscularity and carcase quality.
       GUARANTEES Waiterenui bulls have an excellent reputation for
       reliability. All sale animals are guaranteed for feet, fertility and
       temperament until they are five years old. See conditions of sale
       for more detail.
       TRUST THE OBJECTIVE ANALYSIS Waiterenui do not publish sale day live
       weights, considering them an obsolete method of evaluation. Trust
       the objective analysis that ranks these animals amongst their
       population, and the moderate and realistic feed regime that has
       produced them.

       SELF-REPLACING INDEX EBV Indices are designed to make using EBVs
       easier. By inputting actual NZ costs with actual NZ returns, each
       EBV achieves a Relative Economic Value, and a weighting factor
       depending on the particular production system. This Self-Replacing
       ranks bulls on their ability to generate profit (per cow mated) in a

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