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       Note that $Index values for individual animals are sensitive to
       the assumptions used in the BreedObject analysis to calculate the
       selection index. More information is available on the weightings
       used in the New Zealand Angus Selection Indexes.

       ACCURACY (%) is based on the amount of performance information
       available on the animal and its close relatives - particularly
       the number of progeny analysed. Accuracy is also based on the
       heritability of the trait and the genetic correlations with other
       recorded traits. Hence accuracy indicates the “confidence level” of
       the EBV. The higher the accuracy value the lower the likelihood of
       change in the animal’s EBV as more information is analysed for that
       animal or its relatives. Even though an EBV with a low accuracy
       may change in the future, it is still the best estimate of an animal’s
       genetic merit for that trait. As more information becomes available,
       an EBV is just as likely to increase in value, as it is to decrease.
       Accuracy values range from 0-99%.
       As a rule, animals should be compared on EBVs regardless of
       accuracy. However, where two animals have similar EBVs the one
       with higher accuracy could be the safer choice, assuming other
       factors are equal.

       For further information please contact NZ Angus or BREEDPLAN.

                                                                      W aiterenui Angus    |    2 year old  Bull Sale 20 20    |     P age   7
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