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2020 saw an average price of $1039 for weaners (top pen sold for $1190)
2021 saw an average price of $961 for weaners (top pen sold for $1215)
Farms on the east coast of the North Island are subjected to varying seasonal conditions, and from time to time ewes and cows must survive and thrive in adverse conditions.
In such times the constitution and do-ability of the breeding stock are tested.
The cows that come through time and time again, rearing good calves every year are those with strong confirmation, deep bodies and square backends. This is what we have endeavored to breed.
At our Glenbrae property heifers and second calvers have always been mated to Angus bulls. Mixed age cows have been mated to Simmental and Angus bulls. Replacements are selected on their merits regardless of whether they are from heifers or mixed age cows
Cows and heifers have varying percentages of Angus and Simmental in them. Traditional cattlemen have always questioned where you go after the first cross. The answer is back to whichever breed you wish to influence the next generation. I think we have proved this with commercial success. Our hill country weaners have topped
the Masterton weaner fair for 30 odd years and often achieved the highest prices in NZ.
  Property overview
Over the years Helen and I have increased the size of Glenbrae to 4000 acres. Johnie and Laura have taken it
to 4500 acres. Other properties have been leased and purchased, the most significant purchase being Glenburn Station.
The two properties Glenbrae and Glenburn run 11000 ewes, over 1100 cows and all supporting stock. All lambs and some cattle are finished.
We have expanded a couple of times lately. Firstly to Ngahere and Limeridge, two adjoining blocks, 520 hectares, situated between Glenburn and Glenbrae. Managed by one of Glenburn’s ex shepherds Callum Lack with Partner Sarah.
Also this Autumn purchasing 4 blocks, 1140 hectares, north east of Masterton in the Mauriceville district. These properties are managed by Corey and Rosalie.
This year the three McFadzean boys will lamb 18,000 ewes and calve 1500 cows between the properties.
McFadzean Family
Helen and I have one daughter, Tessa (35), a Marketing Manager who lives in Auckland with husband James and twin girls Ella and Sophia, and three sons, Johnie (37), Lachie (32), and Corey (30). All three sons are farming.
Johnie manages Glenbrae with wife Laura and four sons Jack, Harry, Angus and George.
Helen and I co-manage Glenburn with Lachie along with his partner Karla and daughter Isobelle.
Corey is managing the new property Val’dor north east of Masterton with wife Rosa and daughter Serena.
John McFadzean

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