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  McFadzean Meat Maker
McFadzean Meat Makers will have a substantial effect on calf size, growth and muscling.
DNA over a number of years has enabled Johnie to identify bulls that have varying degrees of Angus and Simmental. McFadzean Meat Maker Bulls that have a greater percentage of Simmental (1⁄4 or more) will be McFadzean Meat Makers. When selecting our sale bulls, colour is not the deciding factor we select on type, constitution, and temperament.
McFadzean Super Angus
McFadzean Super Angus are moderate framed hill country cattle with excellent growth rates and superior muscling and excellent weaning weight %. They have all the attributes of top Angus bulls. The females bred from Super Angus bulls will be very efficient cows out on the hill country. Glenbrae and Glenburn have proven this.
Glenbrae herd has a significant predominance of Angus. McFadzean Meat Maker bulls that are predominantly Angus (3/4 or more) will be identified as McFadzean Super Angus.
McFadzean Ezee-Calve Angus
We have along with other farmers have had great difficulty in procuring Angus bulls with calving ease without forsaking growth rate and confirmation. I have always said to the boys that the only way I would contemplate running a low birth weight calving herd would be to purchase proven recorded cows and run them as a separate herd.
Traditionally many breeders put a LBW bull over their yearlings, with the offspring sold as heifer mating bulls. We have all experienced and know of cases where the following calving has been extremely problematic. To this end with further hill country expansion, we were needing to purchase more cows this year. We decided to attempt to establish an easy calve herd.
We purchased 20 females from Meadowslea stud identified for calving ease and confirmation. We then went on to Northland to Puketi stud where Craig and Don Davie-Martin have been breeding LBW easy calving bulls for 20 odd years who have established one of the top easy calve herd in the country. Craig told us that it took Don and himself several years to put together an acceptable herd purchasing small numbers of females from various sources. He did not want to see us going through the same process and offered us pick for pick through all his elite cows and heifers.
 Left to right: Craig Davie-Martin, Johnie McFadzean, John McFadzean, and Don Davie-Martin shaking hands after selecting females from Puketi Stud.
We will be forever grateful to Craig and Don for the opportunity they have given us.
We now have 100 females to calve this month and will have genuine low birth weight easy calve bulls with good growth rates to sell as yearlings September 2022.
Johnie and Laura will farm the McFadzean Ezee-Calve herd at Glenbrae.
Past sales
Bull sales to date We have received very positive feedback from bull purchasers. They have reported good in calf rates and very few injuries. Calves despite the dry are relatively even and more uniform than before. They are longer and heavier. Calves as weaners show more muscle definition.
The next lift in their beef herd production will come from

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