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Bulls on arrival
Please have some other cattle present when your bulls arrive as travel can be unsettling for a new bull in a strange environment.
Taking care of your bull
Ÿ Young animals require drenching following mating.
Ÿ We do not recommend that bulls be mated with yearling heifers. We do not have enough recorded background information to recommend them for yearling mating.
Ÿ Mating second calvers onwards is fine.
Ÿ We believe that an infusion of these genetics will boost
production in most herds both maternally and productively.
We look forward to feedback from you, please contact us if you have any questions.
If you would like to view the bulls prior to the sale, please contact Johnie McFadzean or Andrew Jennings.
All McFadzean Meat-Makers are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of sale against structural unsoundness, infertility or incapability of service. Under these circumstances McFadzean Cattle Company will:
Replace the bull with a satisfactory substitute if available, or;
Issue a credit equal to the purchase price less the salvage value. This credit may be used at future McFadzean Cattle Company sales. This guarantee covers the purchase value of the bull without interest, cost or damages.
The guarantee shall apply providing bulls incapacity is not caused by injury or disease contracted since leaving Glenbrae.
A veterinary certificate must be supplied by the purchaser upon request. If any bull that is purchased does not possess a reasonable fertility, although not totally infertile, any dispute that may arise shall be settled by an arbitrator appointed by that auctioneers and must be lodged within 12 Calendar months from date of sale.
We recommend that all purchasers discuss injury insurance of their bulls at the sale. FMG will be in attendance.
Health status
Ÿ The cattle are C10
Ÿ The bulls have had two BVD vaccinations
Health and safety
The vendors have done all possible to ensure the safety of all visitors. It must be recognised that this is a working farm property environment with animals. All visitors should ensure their own personal safety.

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