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        Welcome to our Seven Hills Angus 8th on farm
        sale, we appreciate you taking the time to view
        our catalogue and the bulls for sale.  At Seven Hills
        Farming our goal is to produce the most delicious and nutritious product we can for consumers, in all
        aspects of our business, not only for our beef but also our lamb and Manuka honey.

        I have just read an article in Sheep Central acknowledging Gundagai Meat Processors in southern
        New South Wales as the first processors in the world to process lamb grading it for lean meat yield,
        weight and IMF.  LambPRO quote “lamb will follow beef into greater segmentation driven by marbling”.

        Being connected is good.  Australia and America have much larger beef industries than New Zealand
        so being in collaboration with the Australian Angus Assn and American Angus Assn fundamentally
        makes a lot of sense.  The American Angus Assn started the journey of producing what the consumers
        wanted from a beef eating experience 40 years ago and Australia 20 years ago. Some may say that’s
        all related to the feed lot, our new high-powered grasses that we all use for finishing have as much
        horsepower for animal growth as any feed coming out of a feed wagon at a feed lot.  I am not sure
        what percentage of the American beef is grass fed but Australian beef production is 50/50 feed lot/
        grass fed beef.

        Our New Zealand Alliance “Hand Picked” program is sending a truly clear message about what the
        consumers they supply would like in their beef eating experience and currently a lot of them are kiwis.
        Therefore, I would encourage you to purchase the bulls we have on offer that will indeed supply you
        with the figures you need to meet this very lucrative benchmark.

        Please note, that if you are unable to attend our sale on sale day we are running the sale simultaneously
        on Bidr.  Take the time to get registered with Bidr before sale day.

        We look forward to seeing you on the 24th June and please feel free to come and view the bulls prior
        to sale day.

        Bryan & Nicky Bendall

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