Digital Blue


We focus on generating paying customers through engaging online experiences, on any device using most platforms.


We focus on generating paying customers through engaging online experiences on any device – using most platforms.

We think outside the box by merging creative design with digital marketing. We measure customer behaviours and turn this information into value that will achieve continuous improvement. In doing so we aim to bring a competitive edge to our clients’ businesses.

We take creative design seriously. Thus, we place a huge amount of importance on making sure our clients’ websites are reaching their full potential to get maximum value out of this asset. Any existing website have far more potential to increase new and returning visitors. We work towards increasing web traffic and engagement from potential clients.

We focus on making a memorable first impression that produces results for our clients.

Whether it be a landing page, a brochure site or a full e-commerce experience, we have the expertise to get it done at an affordable price.

Our Capabilities



We create positive online experiences with your audience. With stunning visual design, we also ensure that your customers’ experience of your business online is the same as their physical one.


Social Media

Social media is becoming a powerful tool in our clients’ businesses online toolkit and we have the expertise to help you find your direction on the right platforms and get results from social media.



Whether you need a simple headshot for your website, great images of your product or your surroundings for social media, we can get this sorted for you. With a quick, painless photoshoot, editing and touching up where needed we provide you with quality images.


Paid Media

Paid online advertising allows us to get you in front of the right audience at the right time all within budget. With a focus on promoting action and creating awareness, not only is this method highly targeted it is also measurable so results can be seen straight away.


UX Design

We merge creative design thinking with digital media to design experiences both physical and digital that result in loyalty and engagement.


UI Design

We design beautiful interfaces, for any device. We put considerable thought into the user before we begin the design, we test our designs and the user experience thoroughly.



We enable our customers to sell 24/7, engaging and converting across devices. Using Hotjar and Optimizely we can monitor how visitors are using your site and make any adjustments to get the desired results.



We digitalise catalogues, books and magazines.


Email Marketing

To build trust and loyalty with potential customers we recommend email marketing. As one of the most effective marketing strategies in the world, we can grow your email database of leads using your website.



We look at the quality of the traffic, ensuring that they are relevant visitors geographically and demographically, basically attracting potential customers. Improving organic searches, if we think there are key phrases the site doesn’t come up on Google for, that it should be.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

Having clear goals for our clients’ websites is important in being able to optimise each site to convert goals into results. It could be getting email subscribers, phone calls or leads. This is all part of the experience and using smart marketing to better utilize the website to gain results from it.


Google 360

Though we take creative design seriously, we also place a huge amount of importance on making sure our clients’ websites are reaching their full potential and they are getting value out of this asset. In analysing any website we often find there is potential to more fully promote it.