2021 Sale Catalogues

Below you can view our sale catalogues for 2021. These catalogues are produced for Livestock breeders throughout New Zealand – which Pivot Design works with closely. If you wish to share/link one of the following catalogues, simply click the desired catalogue and copy the address bar from your browser. Ebook & PDF catalogues can also be embedded directly into a website, just ask us and we’ll send you the embed code.
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Moanaroa Angus Private Treaty Sale


private treaty puke-nui matauri reality woodbank stern turiroa dan ramsden hugh ramsden

Te Atarangi Angus Yearling Sale

1 September12:30pm

angusgs, biddles

Waimaire & Otengi Herefords Spring Sale

2 September12:00pm

2 year old spring autumn born

Charwell Hereford Yearling Sale

8 September11:30am

polled hereford stud 21st annual spring bull sale september 659 matahi raod manawahe lake rotoma

Maranui Herefords Yearling Sale

9 September12:30pm

McFadzean Yearling Sale

9 September2:00pm

Heather Dell Angus Yearling Sale

10 September11:00am

Black Bear Angus Yearling Sale

10 September1:00pm

Te Whanga Angus Yearling Sale

13 September10:00am

Craigmore Polled Herefords Annual Sale

13 September12:30pm

Kokonga Herefords Yearling Bull Sale

14 September12:00pm

Valda-Rose Yearling Bull Sale

14 September12:00pm

Totaranui Angus Yearling Bull Sale

14 September12:00pm

Shadow Downs Polled Herefords Sale

15 September12:00pm

Kairaumati Herefords Yearling Sale

16 September12:30pm

polled herefords, yearling

Resurgam Angus Yearling Sale

17 September12:00pm

KayJay Angus Yearling Sale

17 September12:30pm

Mahuta Hereford & Angus Yearling Sale

17 September1:00pm

Angus Polled Hereford

Hillcroft Angus & Hereford Sale

20 September11:30am

820 waiterimu

Oranga Angus Yearling Sale

22 September12:00pm

hill country apiti manawatu darryl harwood blair mccarroll mylivestock

Riverton Hereford Yearling

23 September12:00pm

ezicalve fordell wanganui bidr mike cath cranstone

Bexley Herefords Yearling Sale

24 September12:00pm

Maungahina Yearling Sale

24 September1:00pm

Riverlee Herefords Spring Sale

27 September11:30am

hill country, manawatu, bidr


27 September1:30pm

Waitangi Angus Yearling Bull Sale

28 September12:00pm

ARDO Herefords Bull & Heifer Sale

28 September12:00pm

Hereford heifer

Motere Angus Yearling Sale

28 September12:00pm

Bushy Downs Herefords Bull Sale

29 September12:00pm

Merchiston Angus Yearling Catalogue

29 September2:00pm

Ranui Angus Yearling Sale

30 September12:00pm

heifer heifer anguspure bidr anguspro

Timperlea Angus Yearling Sale

30 September1:00pm



Raupuha Shorthorns Sale

1 June9:00am

Peters Angus Sale

1 June11:00am

angus pure bidr

Tarangower Angus Sale

1 June11:30am


Rock-end Herefords Sale

1 June11:30am

rockend polled herefords mahoenui 912 ngatarawa road rd

Limehills Herefords Sale

1 June2:00pm

polled herefrods

Rauriki Charolais Sale

1 June2:00pm

Colvend Shorthorn and Angus Sale

1 June3:30pm

colvend angus shorthorn stud

Storth Oaks Angus Sale

2 June1:00pm

angus pure anguspro

Hauroko Valley Bull Sale

2 June1:30pm

pikoburn angus waiau herefords pourakino herefords wainuka south devons darryl nicky king jamie king gordon lorraine shearing alton isobel devery fraser sandra mckenzie

Hingaia Angus Sale

2 June4:00pm

hingaia anguspure angus pure te awamutu

Shian Angus Sale

3 June11:00am

absolutely positively purely angus bull

Monymusk Herefords Sale

3 June11:30am

polled herefords gillespie rd road te anau bull sale 33rd

Puke-Nui Angus Sale

3 June4:30pm

8th annual taumaranui

NILB Limousin Sale

4 June12:00pm

north island limousin breeders 234a te tuhi road okauia matamata

Kaingaroa Simmentals Sale

4 June1:00pm

Otapawa Hereford Sale

8 June12:00pm

the home of real hill country cattle high performance

Wairere Angus Sale

8 June1:00pm

wairere angus anguspure angus pure partner

Foulden Hill Genetics Sale

8 June2:30pm

Nethertown Angus Sale

8 June2:30pm

Tapiri Angus Sale

9 June9:30am

rod lucy thornycroft masterton

Orari Gorge Herefords Sale

9 June11:00am

polled herefords 57th annual bull sale station geraldine

Dandaloo Angus Bull Sale

9 June12:00pm

60th anniversary

Kairuru Herefords Sale

9 June1:00pm

polled kevin jane keff nicola mcdonald reporoa

Okawa Herefords Sale

9 June2:30pm

okawa poll polled herefords

Merchiston Angus Sale

9 June2:30pm

anguspure angus pure future foundations bulls

Hinewaka Shorthorn Sale

9 June3:00pm


Beechwood, Richon & Woodburn Sale

10 June11:00am

herefords, speckle park mixed age commercial cows

Waitangi Angus Sale

10 June1:00pm

angus pure waitangi bay of islands fertility soundness temperament constitution and carcase qualities

Ranui Angus Sale

10 June3:00pm

angus pure anguspro

Capethorne, Riverland, Grassmere Sale

10 June3:30pm

angus hereford poll polled benmore cheviot

Okaka Angus Sale

11 June12:30pm

angus pure anguspure papanui junction school hall taihape

Twin Oaks Angus Sale

11 June1:00pm

twinoaks twin oaks angus stud te akau nz waipapa station 163 clement road rd roger susan hayward

Earnscleugh Hereford Angus Sale

11 June1:00pm

36th annual earnscleugh station high country genetics composite herefords

Totaranui Angus Sale

11 June1:30pm

anguspro anguspure

Atahua Angus Sale

14 June11:00am

angus pure anguspure bidr 291 mcbeth road rd kiwitea bvd tested negative vaccinated bulls tb c10 1961

Mt Possession Angus Bull Sale

14 June1:00pm

bidr john mckone

Martin Farming Angus Sale

14 June2:30pm

angus pure hereford hill country 385 church valley road rd wakefield nelson richard

Ngāputahi Angus Sale

14 June3:00pm

ngaputahi breeders of genetically superior seedstock rising 2yr old angus bull sale monday bulls yarded angus pure anguspure angus pro anguspro vision integrity passion

Dandaleith Angus Sale

15 June9:30am

102 laws road rd dannevirke angus pure

Brookwood Angus Sale

15 June12:30pm

5th annual farm auction brookwood station 90 paulson road rd rd2 takapau central hawkes hawke's bay brookwood.co.nz

Snake Gully Limousin Sale

15 June1:00pm

439 omana road rd waiotira northland david natalie roberts

Sudeley Angus Sale

15 June2:00pm

sudeley angus pure andrew anna laing

Elgin Angus Sale

15 June3:30pm

149 atua road rd elsthorpe sam duncan

Silverstream Charolais Herefords Sale

16 June2:00pm

charolais herefords 33rd annual bull sale polled homozygous polled horned 1069 hudsons road rd greenpark christchurch chch

Waitawheta Angus 2yr Old Bull Sale

17 June1:00pm


Koanui Herefords Sale

17 June1:00pm


Fossil Creek Angus Sale

17 June2:00pm


Black Ridge Angus Sale

17 June2:00pm

27 r2 year bulls dean and teresa sherson nick chris

Hemingford Charolais Sale

17 June2:00pm

st leonards rd road culverden 55 quiet grunty charolais bulls 8 alriston hereford bulls

Grampians Angus Sale

18 June11:00am

bdir hanmer hamner

Waiterenui Angus Sale

18 June1:00pm

bidr will macfarlane 839 valley road rd hast

Brackenfield Angus Sale

20 June3:00pm

Blenheim Angus Sale

21 June10:00am

leefield station blacknight angus okiwi angus

Matariki Herefords, Woodbank Angus Sale

22 June1:00pm

Te Mania Angus Sale

23 June12:00pm

anguspure anguspro bidr bulls temania

Seven Hills Angus Sale

24 June11:30am

7 anguspro tace gene machine 1167 mangaone valley road rd pahiatua 4993 bryan brian bendall

Stern Angus Sale

24 June12:30pm

52nd annual james fiona fraser

Tawanui, Aywon, Te Kupe Sale

25 June12:30pm

herefords angus janelle lance downs peter alison bishop paul janine martin

Meadowslea Angus Sale

25 June1:00pm

mt cook rd mount road fairlie yourbid bulls stud

Tangihau Angus Sale

28 June9:00am

Kaharau Angus Sale

28 June4:00pm

410 goodwin road rd gisborne hill country born and bred strong structurally sound cattle deep thick quiet bidr penny pete hoogerbrug

Turihaua Angus Sale

29 June3:30pm

paul sara williams gisborne 745 whangara road rd rd3

Rangatira Angus Sale

30 June9:00am

breeding quality for 61 years final sale taaheke ranganui stations rangatira genetics

Turiroa Angus Sale

30 June4:00pm

tried and proven 1944 bidr

Waigroup Pinebank Pinehill Angus Sale


private treaty