Page 12 - Blenheim 2021 Catalogue ebook
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       AngusPure NZ has teamed up with 88 Angus studs who share in
       our vision - to focus on the end consumer. These studs are proud

       to be named among them, and by using the finest genetics and
       implementing best management practice they can help you produce
       more premium quality Angus beef.
       Only our AngusPure Partner studs display these devices in their sale
       catalogues. They indicate bulls endorsed by AngusPure NZ.


       AngusPure continues to endorse bulls for sale that are in the top 40% of the breed

       for AngusPure index. This index gives commercial farmers confidence that by using
       this selection tool, bulls are most likely to leave progeny with superior carcase
       quality and at the same time achieve desirable outcomes for self replacing herds,
       as the AngusPure index still rewards cattle with strong maternal attributes like
       calving ease, scrotal and growth, along with carcase weight. To qualify for the ‘A’
       endorsement, bulls must meet a minimum AngusPure index of +$120.
       These bulls will be => +$120 for AngusPure index.

             FOR MARBLING
       In addition to the ‘A’, and to assist bull buyers who wish to select for more marbling
       we are rewarding those animals that are in the top 25% of the breed for AngusPure
       index and who also have their marbling EBV (IMF) in the top 50% as well. These bulls
       will be awarded an ‘A+’ endorsement. Marbling is one of the very highest eating
       quality attributes and is necessary in order to meet some of the highest premium
       requirements for our new program, AngusPure Special Reserve. To qualify for the
       ‘A+’ endorsement, bulls must meet a minimum AngusPure index of +$141.
       They must also meet the minimum marbling requirement of +1.7 for IMF
       These bulls will be => +$141 for AngusPure index and => + 1.7 for IMF EBV.
       AngusPure recognises the need to lift the amount of marbling in our New Zealand

       cow genetics, in order to fill the requirements of consumers going forward. Marbling
       has two critical components; genetics and feeding. Feeding on a rising plane of
       nutrition is vital but without the genetics these attributes will not be able to
       express themselves.
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