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       The  entry  of  a  bull  in  the  catalogue  ipso  facto  carries
       with it an understanding by the vendor that the purchase
       price (without interest expense, costs of damages) will be
       refunded should the bull prove totally infertile or incapable
       of service. A bull shall be considered fertile having settled a
       cow in calf by natural means. If a purchaser shall complete
       the Association’s questionnaire regarding the circumstances
       of the females in question and those of the bull together with
       evidence that the said bull has not sustained any disease
       or injury since the time of the sale. The semen test shall
       not be taken in itself as a proof on infertility. Any complaint
       must  be  lodged  with Association  within  nine  (9)  calender
       month  of  the  date  of  sale.  The  cost  of  taking  delivery  of
       and  returning  a  bull  to  the  vendor  shall  be  borne  by  the
       purchaser. A veterinary certificate shall be procured by the
       purchaser when required. The undertaking is limited to the
       individual value of the bull as a breeder and does not extend
       to the loss of profits or otherwise sustained in the event of
       infertility  or  non-capacity  being  proved.  The  undertaking
       shall bind the executors or administrators of the vendor. Any
       unresolved dispute shall be referred to the vendor’s agent.
       All  bulls  entered  for  the  sale  have  been  inspected  and
       passed for soundness prior to the sale. The lot Numbers of
       any bulls withdrawn and replacements will be announced
       from the rostrum prior to the commencement of the sale.
       1   6% buying commission will be paid to all bone fide
       2   All  cattle entered in this catalogue are registered with
           their respective breed societies.
       3   The  minimum  starting  bid  of  $3000.  The  time  limit
           is half a minute to obtain the first bid with one and a
           half minutes to $3500 and thereafter no limit. Any bull
           passed in and sold on the day of the sale must be sold
           for $3500 or more.
       4   All station numbers must be clearly visible.
       5   All cattle will be sold subject to the usual conditions
           governing cattle sales held under the auspices of the
           Marlborough  Stock  and  Station  Agent’s  Association
           and to the conditions printed in this catalogue.
       6    Bulls will be sold in catalogue order.
       7  TRANSFERS: Purchasers wishing transfers should
           request eligibility of same from the vendor beforehand.
       8   A freight subsidy may be paid on bulls purchased at
           Auction by negotiation with the vendor.

                        BLENHEIM BULL SALE
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