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      For the sixth time we are pleased to be joining Lindsay Carruthers,
      Nethertown Angus in presenting our 2021 Sale bull offering. The
      bulls are all born and breed at Foulden Hill and shift to the “Bull
      Unit”  (6402 Hyde-Middlemarch Road)  for  wintering  as R1’s.
      Thanks again to Lindsay for allowing us the opportunity.

      At Foulden Hill we are extremely focused on breeding bulls which
      are structurally sound, good natured, easy doing and will thrive in
      most conditions, be it hill country or flat and hardy to thrive in
      tough farming environments. Maternal traits such as fertility and
      mothering ability remain a strong focus along with continued use of
      new genetics to improve growth, muscling, and carcase yields.

      The Santa Gertrudis breed will offer the most potential for hybrid
      vigour when crossed with Bos Torus cattle as they are Bos Indicus
      genotype. Easy calving with the average calves being born in the
      early 30kg range but will grow vigorously with fattening animals
      yielding exceptionally well.  As a maternal first cross Santa Gertrudis
      will have exceptional mothering ability and milk very well (high fat
      content).  They are bloat tolerant due to the way they graze and have
      a high tolerance to parasites.

      Our stud cows are not given any preferential treatment, and due to
      the challenging area we farm in we believe we are breeding a genetic
      package that will shift and thrive in most commercial farming
      Foulden Hill is a TB and Brucellosis Accredited Herd (C10).  BVD
      free and vaccinated.  All bulls have been Semen evaluated and
      fertility tested.

      We have been selling  bulls privately  since 2006, with this year
      marking 10 years of selling Herefords. We appreciate the ongoing
      support of our valued repeat clients and warmly welcome enquires
      from potential clients. Looking forward to seeing everyone on
      Tuesday 8th June.

      See You There
      Anton, Liz, William and Jodie Gibson

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