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      1)  The sale will be conducted under the usual terms and conditions of the
        N.Z. Stock and Station Agents Assn.
      2)  Each lot becomes the property of the purchaser at the fall of the hammer.
      3)  Although every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy in compiling
        this catalogue no responsibility is accepted for any errors that may be
        included therein.
      4)  The vendor reserves the right to alter the order of sale at any time.
      5)  No warranty will be given by the auctioneer with any lot, and as all lots are
        open for inspection prior to the commencement of the sale, the same will
        be sold with all faults if any. No compensation shall be made in respect of
        any fault or error of description of any lots, however the vendors reserve
        the right to make compensation to a buyer if it is the vendors wish.
      6)  Leave full and explicit instructions in regards to transport.
      7)  Insurance: The auctioneers can arrange insurance on any stock.
      8)  If the purchaser wishes, bulls may be left on the vendors property at the
        purchasers risk, for a period following the sale.

      All intending purchasers must register at the PGG Wrightson Ltd Livestock
      (PGW) sales office prior to the sale.
      The New Zealand Stock & Station Agent’s Association Conditions of Sale
      apply. These terms can be inspected at the registration desk and on the wall
      in the auction room.
      PGW’s Monthly Account Terms of Trade also apply to the extent deemed
      relevant by PGW. The current versions of PGW’s Monthly Account Terms
      of  Trade are also available online at:\Our-
      Company\Terms-and-Conditions or in hardcopy on request.
      On behalf of the vendor, PGW will pay a purchasing rebate of 6% of
      the purchase price excluding GST, plus GST, to livestock companies and
      recognised independent livestock agents with a PGW Monthly Account who
      have introduced buyers to PGW before the sale and/or accompanied buyers
      to the sale.

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