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       1.   This sale will be conducted under the New Zealand Stock & Station Agents Association
          Conditions of Sale. When proceeds are credited or a purchase is debited to a RLL
          account the companies terms and conditions apply to the extent deemed relevant.
          These terms can be inspected at the registration desk and on the wall in the auction
          room. The current versions of PGWS and RLLS terms and conditions are also available
          on their websites.
       2.  Each lot shall become the property of the purchaser at the fall of the hammer.
       3.  Finance terms are strictly cash prior to delivery unless credit arrangements have been
          made with the Auctioneer prior to the sale.
       4.  The entry of rams in this catalogue constitutes a guarantee of fertility. Any disputes shall
          be settled by an Arbitrator appointed by the Auctioneer.
       5.  Although all care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in
          this catalogue, no responsibility is accepted for any error or omission.
       6.  The Sale will be conducted exclusive of GST.
       7.  A rebate commission will be paid to outside companies introducing buyers to the selling
          company at least 24 hours prior to the sale.
       8.  TRANSPORT:  Leave full and explicit instructions in regard to transport
       9.  INSURANCE: The Selling Agents can arrange insurance on any stock.
       10.  Upset Price: Terminal breeds $500 at auction, any passed rams $600.00..
       11.  If a transfer is required the transfer price will be $2,000.
       12.  Prior to auction - Purchasers who wish to export the animal/s (“Export Purchasers”)
          must advise the auctioneers at least 2 hours prior to the sale commencing that they
          are considering purchasing specific breeds at the auction.  The Auctioneers will then
          advise all vendors of relevant breeds that their animals are being considered for export.
          Vendors not wishing to have their animals considered for export are to advise the
       13.  Purchase at auction by Export Purchasers is conditional upon the animal/s purchased
          passing all relevant export protocol and testing (conducted at the Export Purchaser’s
          expense). Full payment (plus GST) will be made at the fall of the hammer to the
          Auctioneers as per usual terms and conditions. Payment will be held by the Auctioneers
          until the animal/s leave New Zealand. Payment will be refunded to the Export
          Purchasers less all associated export costs for any animal/s purchased failing export
          protocol and testing.

         OSH Every effort will be taken by the Vendors, Rural livestock Ltd, their staff and
         assistants, both on the sale day as well as any visits of inspection to ensure the safety
         of intending buyers and visitors. We wish however to advise that while this sale is run
         under normal management conditions, certain dangers exist in relation to livestock
         and their environment. Visitors should take care to ensure their personal safety.

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