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We think outside the box by merging creative design with digital marketing. We measure customer behaviours and turn this information into value.


Though we take creative design seriously, we also place a huge amount of importance on making sure our clients’ websites are reaching their full potential and they are getting value out of this asset. In analysing any website we often find there is potential to more fully promote it by increasing visitors and returning visitors to the website and increased engagement for customers once on the site.

Website Marketing


We look at the quality of the traffic, ensuring that they are relevant visitors geographically and demographically, basically attracting potential customers.


Improving organic searches, if we think there are key phrases the site doesn’t come up on Google for, that it should be.


Using Google Analytics and heatmap technology we would analyse, track and measure all traffic, leads, keywords and the way visitors are currently using the site to ensure that it is engaging.


We look at the quality of the traffic, ensuring that they are relevant visitors geographically and demographically, basically attracting potential customers.


These methods are highly targeted and can be tested, measured and adjusted accordingly. We believe this is crucial to achieve continued improvement, meaning our customers get return on their investment.

Grow Social Media following and increase engagement


Putting focus on your customers and understanding what, when and where they want to hear from you, interacting with and engaging in quality content that is relevant and share-worthy on a frequent basis is how we will grow your social media following and increase engagement.

We also focus on driving social traffic back to your website and measuring the results from this.

Facebook Marketing Plans

Facebook Launch

Go for the best start on Facebook when you partner with Pivot.


Facebook Launch includes:

  • Design of your profile and cover images
  • Set up of business page and complete info set-up
  • Includes your first post and partnering with up to 10 associated businesses
  • Our top tips help you kick off where we begin

Facebook Smart Strategy

Pivot brings focus to the customer journey and where your customers live, learn and play. To understand what, when and where they want to hear from you, partner with Pivot for a plan that grows your business.


Facebook Smart Strategy includes:

  • Assessing your current situation
  • Competitor research
  • Customer research
  • Tone
  • Identifying what customers want to hear from you
  • 3 month schedule

Facebook Content Delivery & Management

Social is one of the most effective marketing channels, though it can be hard to compete with paid content. Engaging, interesting and unique content gets people to stop and look and even share. Partner with Pivot to capture your audience.

$420+gst per month

Facebook Content Delivery & Management includes:

  • 8-12 engaging posts per month
  • Content organisation, creation and posting
  • Interaction and networking with relevant Facebook profiles
  • Daily account monitoring
  • Target Market research/expand audience
  • Monthly Analytics and reporting

Paid online advertising is so targeted it gets you in front of your audience at the right time and within budget


Paid online advertising allows us to get you in front of the right audience at the right time all within budget. With a focus on promoting action and creating awareness, not only is this method highly targeted it is also measurable so results can be seen straight away.

Google Ads

Designing, monitoring and setting up display advertising on sites that potential leads use frequently. With creative design and placement on sites like Metservice and the New Zealand Herald, paid display advertising becomes very relevant for targeting your audience. With tracking and targeting techniques these ads will show for what is relevant based on what your potential customer has been searching for online.

facebook business

Facebook advertising, as a low cost, effective way to grow followers and create engagement. This method allows us to get likes and engagement from people who might not necessarily be aware, but are interested.

Google Adwords

Pay-per-click, another low cost method used to capture the attention of your audience and direct them to your website. We look at the location the ad is placed, the time of day it is shown, the geographic location and the cost, all within a set budget ensuring it is targeted to the right audience.

Paid Media

Paid Facebook or Google Advertising

Having an organic strategy is crucial, but enhancing your content with paid advertising lets you go where your customers, live, learn and play.


plus advertising spend (we recommend $100)

Paid Media includes:

  • Highly targeted
  • Testing
  • Ad design and campaign set-up
  • Target audience identification
  • Daily monitoring
  • Monthly Analytics and reporting

To build trust and loyalty with potential customers we recommend email marketing

As one of the most effective marketing strategies in the world, we can grow your email database of leads using your website. We then have the ability to segment email campaigns as needed.

Grow database

Creating a strategy to gain subscribers through an attractive lead magnet, focusing on nurturing and building trust in potential customers and brand advocacy in existing members.

Gain leads

Setting up a short series of automated emails for new leads that educate and add value.


Setting up and segmenting email sequences. Tracking the performance by measuring the open and click rates from this and monitoring subscribers.

Email Marketing

Finding and nurturing potential contacts

Use email to inspire trust and loyalty in potential customers and repeat purchases.

Email Marketing includes:

  • Set-up subscription with CTA on website, link to and set-up database
  • Design Mailchimp template
  • Set-up automated sequence emails, monitoring and measuring
  • Send out scheduled number of emails per year