Using Social Media to Market to Farmers

As social media use in the agricultural industry increases more and more farmers are using social media to make ongoing connections with like-minded people. Whether it is posting photos of farming activities, dogs, cattle, green paddocks or scenery (along with funny comments) through to communicating educational information about sheep and beef farming. This not only showcases local land use, farming practices and livestock to a wider audience, but also means that farmers can interact with others, make connections and share knowledge.

With an increase in on-farm technology, smartphones and iPhones are becoming more commonplace and though Internet is improving this isn’t stopping farmers using social media to connect and build communities and communicate with customers – current and prospective.

Rural based businesses stand to gain immensely from social media as a marketing tool. Some see value in using social media to promote their businesses, others to gain knowledge from experts and peers, some just to enjoy jokes and comments from others.

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