Promoting your sale on social

It’s great to see a lot of you are posting about your sale team already and building up awareness in the lead up to your sale.

  • Use platforms like Facebook to build awareness, increase sales and visitors to your website.
  • Use Facebook Insights to judge the best time of day to post to get the most engagement and experiment with content.
  • Let people know who you are by letting your personality show through in your posts to stand out from the crowd.
  • Interact with other Studs and tag relevant pages into your post, don’t forget to tag your breed society page, and make sure you use hashtags. Including tags and hashtags will help increase your engagement and promote your message.

Getting your catalogue out to more potential purchasers

For a small extra fee getting your catalogue made into an ebook is a really effective way to get your catalogue out to a wider audience before your printed version is available. You can then put the link on your website, email it out to your clients and put it on Facebook, this way it gets seen by more people.

This is a customised email designed for your stud and sent to your breed society databases.

Promoting your stud online

Make sure your website is up to date leading into bull sale season, updating your website keeps it in Google’s search rankings. If your site is outdated or if you’re not online you could be missing out on significant marketing opportunities. When people are searching for quick snippets of information it pays to have a platform whereby people can find the info they’re looking for and engage with you in their own time without the pressure of face to face interactions. A professionally designed website and your chosen social channels reflect who you are and what you do.

Showing off your sale team with video

As well as photos you can also have videos of your bulls in your ebook catalogue. These are usually inserted once the printed catalogue has been finalised and can be simply videos taken with your phone and uploaded onto

Photographing your bulls

  • If you’re photographing your animals using your smartphone, don’t use the camera to zoom in on the bull, but rather move to get closer to take the photo, if you can! This will give you a better quality image in your printed catalogue.
  • Cleaning your smartphone camera lens before you take the shot will give you a sharper image.
  • Time it for golden hour lighting – ideally a couple of hours after sunrise and the couple of hours before sunset are best with the sun behind you for great lighting.

Promoting your sale

As well as online marketing get yourself a flag to promote your sale on the day and so people know where to go. Another easy advertising idea is to have your catalogue cover or sale advert made into posters and flyers for getting the word out in your community.

We can also help you reach a highly targeted defined audience on Facebook, you only pay to reach your most valuable potential customers and you get to set your budget. If you’re not on Facebook, now’s the time to get this set up.

Talk to Pivot about any of the above options.