What you need to know to get your website further up Google Searches

Google’s focus is providing you with the best user experience, if they didn’t do this it wouldn’t be the most popular search engine. So when Google makes an algorithm change they are doing this because they’ve learned how to provide a better experience for you.

It is for this reason that Google will rank rich (informative) content over products and services. Websites that promote products or services either have to pay to rank higher through Google ads or they provide rich content in the form of blog posts or articles.

As well as ranking rich content higher Google recognises that when a brand is trusted and searched for by name eg; ‘Farmlands’ rather than ‘fencing wire’ and then follows suit by ranking more popular brands higher based on the amount of searches a brand name gets.

So what does this mean for your website?

  • Provide content that people may be searching for. Maybe it’s specialised information about your breed or farming practices. Get a blog added to your site and start writing, but focus on what your audience is looking for, what they’d be interested in. Think about what they’d be searching for and add these words to your article title and wording.
  • Build your brand up as trusted name. Once people start searching for your brand name other search terms like ‘beef breeders NZ’ that your site is optimised for will gradually begin to rank higher on Google’s search results.

To do this you need people searching for you on a consistent basis, and this comes down to adding value. If people love your product and brand, they’ll keep coming back.

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