We have Bull Sale Marketing pat down

You have a fantastic line-up of bulls, now to get your catalogue and sale date in front of your target audience.


At Pivot Design we are launching our Bull Sale Facebook Marketing bundle.

Posting on Facebook is limited by Facebook’s new algorithms and your posts are seen by a limited group of your page followers. Advertising on Facebook allows you to connect with your audience and reach your exact target audience.

We can get your message in front of people who are in the market for your bulls.

You only pay to reach your most valuable potential customers and you get to set your budget.

What you get

  • Catalogue ebook (40 pages – extra pages $1 per page)
  • Analytics: get the data on how many views your catalogue gets
  • Bull sale advert design and graphic for Facebook
  • Facebook ad set-up with link to website,
    catalogue and online auction (if using)
  • Set-up audience for your chosen location, gender, age, interests etc.
  • Event set-up


Plus advertising spend

Approximately $1/like/click
or $7.20 per 1000 impressions
Optional spend to boost event

You choose your advertising spend and timeframe

Talk to us about

  • Increasing your Page likes
  • Getting Facebook messages
  • Collecting emails from your target market
  • Sending bulk emails to your breed society member database
  • Getting more website visitors