2023 Sale Catalogues

Below you can view our sale catalogues for 2023. These catalogues are produced for Livestock breeders throughout New Zealand – which Pivot Design works with closely. If you wish to share/link one of the following catalogues, simply click the desired catalogue and copy the address bar from your browser. Ebook & PDF catalogues can also be embedded directly into a website, just ask us and we’ll send you the embed code.

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Tapiri Angus

1 June10:00am

Shian Angus

1 June11:00am

Waimara Angus

1 June1:00pm

Dandaloo Angus

1 June1:00pm

Glenbrae Herefords

1 June2:00pm

Okawa Herefords

1 June2:00pm

Puke-Nui Angus

1 June4:30pm

Kairuru Herefords

2 June1:00pm

KayJay Angus

2 June2:00pm

Otapawa Herefords

6 June12:00pm

Mokairau Herefords

7 June10:30am

Beef It Simmentals

7 June11:00am

Orari Gorge Herefords

7 June1:00pm

Wilencote Herefords

7 June2:30pm

Merchiston Angus

7 June2:30pm

Hinewaka Shorthorn

7 June3:30pm

Beechwood, Richon & Woodburn Herefords & Speckle Park

8 June11:00am

Pine Park Angus

8 June11:30am

Glen Anthony Simmentals

8 June12:30pm

Ipurua South Devon

8 June1:00pm

Maungahina Stud

8 June1:00pm

Grassmere Herefords & Riverland J Angus

8 June2:00pm


Earnscleugh Stud

9 June1:00pm

Atahua Angus

12 June11:00am

Lochburn Shorthorn Stud

12 June1:00pm

Martin Farming

12 June1:00pm

Mt Possession Angus

12 June2:30pm

Ngaputahi Angus

12 June3:00pm

AngusPRO Angus Australia

Dandaleith Angus

13 June9:30am

Brookwood Angus

13 June12:30pm

Riverlee Herefords & Angus

13 June1:00pm

Sudeley Angus

13 June2:00pm

Elgin Angus

13 June3:30pm


14 June12:30pm

Snake Gully Limousins

14 June1:00pm

Silverstream Charolais

14 June2:00pm

Okaka Angus

15 June1:00pm

Koanui Polled Herefords

15 June1:00pm

Fossil Creek Angus

15 June2:00pm

Hemingford Charolais

15 June2:00pm

Red Oak Angus

16 June2:00pm

Hallmark Angus

16 June3:00pm

Blenheim Angus

19 June9:30am

Matariki Hereford Woodbank Angus

20 June1:00pm


Stern Angus

22 June12:30pm

Meadowslea Angus

Meadowslea Angus

23 June1:00pm

Orere Angus

26 June9:00am

Tangihau Angus

26 June12:00pm

Kaharau Angus

26 June4:00pm

Tawa Hills Angus

27 June9:30am

semen Whangara Robbie 20330

Turihaua Angus

27 June3:30pm

Kenhardt Angus

28 June10:30am

Turiroa Angus

28 June2:00pm

Waigroup Glanworth Angus

29 June2:30pm